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Top 10: Books That Teach Kids Compassion (ages 2-14)

Books That Teach Kids Compassion

Learning about our differences can be a powerful way for children to see from another person’s point of view.  I encourage all parents to introduce some of these chapter books or others like these to their children and use these stories as a reference when children bring up differences in school, particularly with special needs classmates.  Because how great would it be if it were OUR child who can reach out with compassion like MacKenzie in The Friendship Puzzle?! Read more…

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Second Hand Saturday: FREE Book Giveaway

Win Kids Books

Congrats to Karla Duff for winning Arlene on the Scene and Kris for winning Advice My Parents Gave Me. They were selected on the basis on giving a comment on which book they wanted and why they wanted it. Read more…