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Top 10: Reasons Why I Love My Android

Why Androids are Better than iPhones

I am the last person to adopt new technology which is why when I was talking to a Mom Friend about blogging she said that the thing that struck her the most was that I was actually blogging which impressed her because she knew that  I had not a shred of technical ability. I have a Harvard Professor Mom Friend who is just the opposite.  She just got an Android, right from the get-go.  She loves it but  I am in no hurry to try it.  But if you are thinking of getting an Android, Valerie P from TuesBlog just posted on 10 Reasons Why I love My Android.  I hope this is helpful to you new technology adopters!  More power to you!  (And I’ll be bugging you in time to have you explain how to use my Android.  When I get one.  In, say, 2015.) Read more…