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Adding to 10 Math Games

Adding to Ten Math Games

I met with an Editorial Director at Charlesbridge Publishing a few weeks ago, and she invited me to submit my picture book manuscripts. I had gone to an author event at Charlesbridge last year with my son to learn about Paul Reynolds’ latest books with his brother, Ish! author and illustrator Peter H. Reynolds.

I have, in fact, have a picture book manuscript with an adding to ten concept and my dream publisher for this book would be, in fact Charlesbridge. My son and I read every single book of their Sir Cumference series. He likes math picture books a lot!

I thought I’d add an Adding to Ten Back Matter page to my book.

Adding to 10 Math Games

What’s In My Hand?

Adding to Ten Math Games
Use ten dried beans, coins, or other small objects that fit in the palm of your hand. Divide them randomly into two piles and hold one in each closed fist. Read more…

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Subtraction and Adding to Ten Math Facts Games

Subtraction Math Facts Practice Made FUN!

Now that I’ve attended two school curriculum nights, it’s clear that the teachers want us to practice math facts at home. I am noticing that all three of my kids have the most difficulty with subtraction. Addition is intuitively more obvious and multiplication is really just more addition. My kids less  confused by the idea of division, at least until they hit long division. Division is regrouping and can be reverse engineered through multiplication. Read more…