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Happy Mother’s Day To All Moms of All Kinds of Families!

Today is a busy Mother’s Day. Soccer games all over the planet. A kids’ birthday party and a lacrosse game too. My husband’s present to me today is doing all that driving and it’s not a trivial gift. The kids will make me a card and gift me the boxing gear that I wanted: a speed bag and a double ended bag that is set at my height. No more standing on stools to reach the speed bag at the boxing gym!

It’s easy to take Mother’s Day for granted and, for that matter, the kids and family. Now that our  children are in elementary school and middle school, it’s just go-go-go all the time on behalf on the kids’ over-scheduled lives.

But for Mother’s Day, it’s nice to take some time and reflect how very lucky I am to be a mother. That my gift is truly my kids and husband and together we have the privilege of raising them. For me, a mother who had children later in life — I’m 48 and my youngest is 8 — parenthood came after college, graduate school and career. It’s a more typical scenario where I live.

But families come in all shapes and sizes. Mothers become moms through love for their children whether or not they are biological or adopted. I’m reminded of this through a TV show called I’m Having Their Baby, now in Season 2, which premieres June 12 at 10/9c on Oxygen. It tells the untold stories of adoption and the myriad of ways to become a mom. Read more…

Newton MA, Victorian house in Newton,

Humblebrag Parenting

The Parent HumbleBrag

How do you keep a clear head in a town that races to nowhere and the measure of success is how busy your kids are? I have two pieces of advice:

  • No one can get sick or injured. Flu shots are mandatory. Products like Mucinex can help keep you going when you do succumb.
  • Kids and Parents: Run your own race.

My mom friend Penny grew up in the town we live in. I think of our suburb as full of transplants from all over the place. I forget that there are a chunk of parents who actually grew up here, went away, and then came back to raise their families. At coffee today, she was bothered by the new parenting humblebrag that she encountered when bumping into a high school classmate who also returned to Newton.

Newton MA, Victorian house in Newton,A Victorian house in Newton, MA that dares to be different.

“Do you remember,” Penny asked, “when everyone would brag about how many hours they worked?”

“You mean, post college?”

“Yeah, when we used to work 50 to 100 hour work weeks?”

The number of hours worked was a proxy for how important and/or successful you were apparently.

Read more…

You Are Your Birth Order

Birth Order and Personality

I clipped this a long time ago from a paper, but I’m not sure where but it may have been from The Boston Parent Paper.  I also read The Birth Order Book:  Why You Are What You Are by Dr. Kevin Leman because it was kind of fun to see what traits are associated with birth order.  One caveat, if there are large gaps between ages, the birth order gets switched around.  For example, if the youngest child has a ten-year gap between his two older siblings, this child is really an “only child.”  Likewise, a middle child of three girls is a true middle child but a middle child of girl, girl, boy is ALSO the youngest girl. Read more…