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5th Grade Poetry: Help Please!

April as National Poetry Month has hit our elementary school. Both my kids have been hard at work composing poems at school. My son’s 2nd grade poetry unit did not requiring rhyming and it was modeled after color poems by Mary O’Neill. Poetry gets more challenging in 5th grade as I discovered in our recent Parent Teacher conference.

The 5th grade Parent Teacher conferences have expanded to include the student. PickyKidPix showed me her poem during our Parent/Teacher/Student conference this past week. She did a beautiful job rhyming and illustrating her poem.

5th grade poems have to rhyme! I did not realize that. The first line gave her a bit of trouble so I wanted to see if anyone could help her out.

5th Grade Poetry Unit with Rhyming Challenge

Lucy the llasket is a __________________.

When you see her  you will know why

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Inside Out and Back Again,

Reader Challenge: Poetry for 5th Grade Girls’ Bookclub

Poetry for 5th Grade Book Club

I love getting book requests from readers. This one came in recently:

Hi There –
I read your blog, especially for inspiration when organizing my daughter’s book club meetings (I’m the host for seven 5th grade girls each month).

I was wondering if you ever discuss or read poetry with your kids and, if so, if you have any recommendations for me. I’d like to focus on poetry for our next book club meeting but am not sure how to go about doing it – whether we should read/discuss a few poems together? or if each girl should bring a poem to share? Read more…