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18 Wonderful Picture Books about the Arab Nation

18 Wonderful Picture Books about Muslims

When a country is at war, it’s easy to get a distorted view of the “enemy”. The media also plays a role in showing a certain point of view meant to stir the populace into support of their government backing the war effort. But this kind of distortion trickles down to oversimplifying things to a black and white point of view. That never does justice to the true situation and is a hurdle for our kids to overcome in order to get a more balanced world view.

One way to demystify the Middle East as religious fanatics bent on destroying the free world is to let them see the many, many stories of the Arab people, both past and present. This collection of picture books about the Arab nation attempts to gather up these stories so please help me out by suggesting you favorites! If we all teach our children that Muslim families are no different from ours, this might pave the way for a generation that can find a way to figure out world peace. Thank you!

p.s. I had a lot of trouble naming this post. Mary Katherine from Wisdom Tales Press helped with some insights on the Arab World (which I had named this post incorrectly previously). I hope this helps you too.

AN INTESETING SIDE NOTE:  The majority of Muslims are NOT Arabs. In fact there are 1.57 Billion Muslims in the world and Arabs are only 20 %. Most Muslims live in Asia. In fact, Indonesia is the most populated Muslim country in the world with more than 200 million, followed by Pakistan with 174,082,000 Muslims and then 3rd is India with 160,945,000 Muslims. Fourth is Bangladesh with 145,312,000 Muslims. The Arab country with the largest Muslim population is fifth and it is Egypt with 78,513,000 Muslims.


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