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10 Perfect Read Aloud Books for 3rd Grade

Countdown: My #1 Most Popular Post of 2015

10 Perfect Read Aloud Books for 3rd Grade

10 Perfect Read Aloud Books for 3rd Grade is my top post for 2015! It all happened when I went to Anne Ursu’s The Real Boy dinner hosted by publisher Charlesbridge and met Colby Sharp, a co-founder of the Nerdy Book Club blog. I was already a huge fan of this group blog.

Colby had just switched from teaching 4th grade to 3rd grade and we talked about our favorite read alouds for 3rd grade. It turns out our top three were identical and in the same order. My son was in 3rd grade at the time and his teacher coordinated her read alouds with the other two teachers in that grade. She too, had a made a grade switch that year like Colby, but from 5th to 3rd.

I tracked the read alouds all year and it was year of wonderful books. I then built lists for all elementary school grades, making sure not to repeat books from list to list.

There you have it! My Top 5 Post Countdown for 2015! Happy New Year’s Eve! Thank you all so much for reading my blog. I wish you a joyous New Year and hope to see you in 2016!

My best post of 2014

Top 5 Posts of 2014 Countdown: #1

Thanks for your patience with our countdown! MaryAnne of MamaSmiles and I are counting down our Top 5 Posts of 2014 and we are down to our number one post!

My number one post for 2014 is …

10 Perfect Read Aloud Books for 3rd Grade with 36,212 views.

I met Colby Sharp, co-founder of The Nerdy Book Club, last year at an author dinner for Anne Ursu in Boston and then again at The Nerdy Book Club meet up. He’s a teacher in rural Michigan where kids don’t own any books and he had moved grades to teach 3rd grade. My son was in third grade at the time, and we bonded over our love of perfect chapter books for third grade. As we listed our favorites, we noticed with delight that they were the same. Hence, this post was born!

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10 Perfect Read Aloud Books for 3rd Grade

I had the great fortune to meet The Nerdy Book Club founders at a dinner for Anne Ursu hosted by Walden Pond Press to celebrate her latest chapter book, The Real Boy. (It’s wonderful. I put it on my  Newbery 2014 Contenders list! And it just won a Middle Grade Fiction Nerdie).


Colby Sharp, one of The Nerdy Book Club founders, mentioned that he was teaching third grade this year, a move from years spent teaching fourth grade and I got very excited because I have a son in third grade! Quickly and not surprisingly, we started talking about perfect third grade read aloud books. And the weird thing is that my son’s teacher had read all three perfect third grade books that Colby mentioned! And in that exact order! Great minds think alike?!

  1. Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White
  2. Because of Winn Dixie by Kate DiCamillo
  3. The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate Read more…