Guest Author Policy

I’ve been getting a lot of email requests for guest posting lately, so I thought I’d be clear on my policy.

No Thanks:

  • The post/article already exists somewhere on a website or blog. Reposting content is bad for my SEO.
  • You write for an SEO company and want a link back for a client.
  • You are a freelance writer without a blog.

Yes Please:

  • You have a blog on parenting, education and/or children’s books.
  • You are a children’s book author.
  • You leave lots of insightful comments on my blog.
  • We’ve conversed on Social Media together (a lot!).
  • We’re in the same Facebook and Google + groups (because we are interested in the same topics).
  • You love children’s books.



  1. We publish beautiful children’s picture books!

    “Get Out Of My Head, I Should Go To Bed” (bedtime)
    “In One Ear and Out the Other” (mischief!)
    “A Pie for a Pig” (Pigs full of personality and good taste for pies!)

  2. Hi There!

    Amazing site and network you’ve put together on the love of children’s books and encouraging a love for learning!

    I’m a high school English teacher, SAT Tutor and Youth Group volunteer. Momma of four princesses. And now, a first time author of a YABook for teens with South Asian characters. Wanted to know if I could introduce to your readers. It’s the line I published with which offers Fresh Indie Young Adult fiction and during the week of September 13-17, my agent is offering a free Amazon download Sampler which includes 5 chapters of Five different books. Swimming Through Clouds, my first novel, will be included, and this gives readers a longer sample and taste of some new fiction. Thanks for your time and consideration and all you do to promote a love for words and discovery!

    Rajdeep Paulus recently posted…Got Post-its?My Profile

  3. My pen name is Wolfgang Pie. I write the anti-bully kids’ series, Zombie Squirts. I’d love to be a guest if you have the time. Thank you so much. I love your blog! Alisha

  4. I like that you are clear and upfront about blogging. Let’s connect and build a relationship.

    Aside from running, I also started

    thanks so much

  5. Jim Westcott

    Hi Mia,
    Incredible blog:) I’ve been following this blog for quite some time.

    My name is Jim Westcott and I write books for boys who are reluctant or struggling readers or both. I taught Special Education in my former life.

    My publisher for my series (Jack’s Tales) will release the first book (Jack’s Save) in September. I also wrote a book recently for Saddleback Educational Publishing for struggling readers (released this summer).

    This niche is my passion and would love to share this passion on your blog once my series is released. Thanks, Mia.

    Jim Westcott
    Jim Westcott recently posted…Jack’s Squatch – Possibly the Fourth Book in the Jack’s Tales SeriesMy Profile

  6. Jim Westcott

    You’re welcome, Mia:)

    Jim Westcott
    Jim Westcott recently posted…Reluctant Reader’s and Their Dad’sMy Profile

  7. Maureen

    Hi, I have an article on “Inspiring Books for Women”. Do you think it would be a good fit for Pragmatic Mom?
    Maureen recently posted…How CFOs can Leverage Big Data and Predictive Analytics to Improve ForecastingMy Profile

  8. Hello Mia,
    Enjoying the blog. I’m a former sports columnist and a former reluctant reader. I regularly share my story with groups from second graders to middle schoolers. I recently completed the fifth book in The Will Stover Sports Series. My books and more info on me can be found at
    Rick recently posted…Is this really what you want your kids reading?My Profile

  9. Kathleen Andrews Davis

    Good morning, Just found your blog and like it very much. I’ve published two middle-grade books (so far) in a series called Emerson’s Attic Series and am now blogging at to share interests and ideas to hopefully help young families find more time to spend together. I’m a firm believer young children are exposed to far too much violence and it’s my goal to offer wholesome stories as alternatives. The best things I hear from parents and grandparents is that 1.) They are looking for and reading stories without violence and 2.) They love my series because it reminds them of Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys.

    I hope to learn a lot and meet new people via your blog. Keep up the good work.

  10. Mia,
    I’ve been stalking your blog for a few days now. I just love what I’m seeing. I’m a mom of three bright kids, who is always looking for a good, challenging read to keep their world broad.
    I’m also a children’s author and a blogger. I write short stories for school age children. I like to think that my stories have a heart and promote love and family values without preaching.
    I visit schools around the world through Skype and Google + to encourage reading and writing. I enjoy every minute of it!
    I’m glad we’re connected, and I’d love to have the opportunity to contribute with your blog. My blog is:
    and my website:

  11. Hello. I love the work you are doing and the message you are spreading through your blog. My name is Erin Frankel. I’ve published four picture books on bullying with Free Spirit publishing (Weird! Dare! Tough! Nobody!) My latest book, Nobody! just came out this year. I’d be happy to send you a copy and would jump at the chance to be a guest on your blog if you are interested.

    • Hi Erin,
      I LOVE your four picture books! I covered them and then I gave the copies to my elementary school principal for his office library. We had a big bullying issue when my oldest was in elementary school. She wasn’t a victim but it affected her and every other girl. I figured it would come in handy. I love how you cover all the different and important identities of who is involved in bullying with regard to girl bullying especially. I’d love for you to guest blog as well!!!
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  12. Hi, I follow you on Twitter and share whenever I can! I sincerely appreciate all of the work that you are doing. As a mixed race mom of a truly international daughter, you have given us a great resource for finding books. Thank you! I’m also a Free Spirit author. My upcoming picture book, Jamie is Jamie is about a kid in preschool who plays with everything and everyone. While the other kids wonder if Jamie is a boy or a girl, Jamie shows them how fun it is to play whatever you want and be free to just be yourself! I’d love to send you a copy of the book and write a guest blog about how we teach young children gender. Thanks so much for your consideration!
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