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Mia Wenjen, Pragmatic Mom, PragmaticMom, Pragmatic Mom BlogI started a business at Harvard with two friends 25 years ago…

Wikipedia Overview

Aquent Bios

Dorm as Launch Pad, CNN Money

Inc. 500 Fast Growing Private Company (We’re #12 in 1992, 6 years after we started MacTemps now renamed Aquent). Inc. Magazine

Making Money the Old Fashioned Way (I wrote an article for Inc. Magazine)

We’re a case study at Harvard Business School! MacTemps: Building Commitment in the Interim Workforce

The MacTemps, now Aquent, Story in a book called How You Can Reach Wealth by Using Proven Millonaires Ideas.

My stint as publisher of 1099 Magazine, taking a popular Webzine to print.

A Vehicle for Friends Goes Far. Kaufman Foundation. (Hee hee, I was the ghostwriter for this piece!)

The Talent Market, Fast Company


I went to UCLA for Business School at the Anderson School when I realized I had no idea how to read my own company’s Balance Sheet and Income Statement. And forget about Cash Flow Statement!

I studied Entrepreneurial Marketing and then started Mizanne Golfwear, designing and manufacturing a high end line of women’s golf clothes that was sold at places like Nordstroms and Pebble Beach, but that didn’t work out so great after picking the wrong partner. Oh well. Live and learn. Failure is life’s great instructor.

My business school mentor suggested I take an art class as “Therapy for Post-Start-Up-Meltdown-Depression.” I went to the Brentwood Art School where I helped them grow their family business and, in exchange, they taught me to be an artist. I am forever in their debt.

I also was a Marketing Consultant at Career Central, a venture backed start up in Palo Alto during the go go days of the because I was curious to see what that was like. It WAS fun to be in the epicenter of The Golden Age of Venture Capital Backed Entrepreneurship. But also madness.

After traveling from Los Angeles to Palo Alto weekly for a year, I grew weary of the commute. My husband and I were robbed at gunpoint in West Los Angeles and this prompted a move back to Boston to work again at Aquent where I was an in-house entrepreneur.


From Breadwinner to SAHM to WAHM

I worked full time as the bread winner with our first, Grasshopper and Sensei, who, in retrospect, was a pretty easy baby.  When our second daughter, PickyKidPix, was born, my husband said, “I love you, but if I have to stay home with two kids, I’m afraid I will have to leave you.” So we switched places. Staying home to raise children IS the hardest job in the world! My husband would concur.

And so I became a SAHM. We had our third child, a boy. When he hit preschool giving me 2.5 hours for myself, I became a WAHM and started this blog.


Blogging is My Passion

Guest author for Rice Daddies: An Asian American Summer Book List for Kids

Guest author for Volunteer Spot Blog: 10 Tips for a Successful School Auction

Guest author for Reading Horizons at Home, The Reading Corner: 5 Sneaky Ways to Get Reluctant Readers Excited About Reading.

KidLitwhm Celebrates Women’s History Month on Mary on Horseback by Rosemary Wells. I’m the guest author.

iHome Educator for my review on two of their apps.

Little Pickle Press gave me a shout out for blogging on a great book they published, Your Fantastic Elastic Brain.

MomNBaby gave me a nice intro.

There’s A Book (whose book blog I deeply admire) said this nice thing to say: First, Pragmatic Mom, who recently featured myself (as well as two of my “picks” for great book bloggers) in her Top 15 Best Blogs. Thank you! She’s brilliant! Always has tons of great tips for anything from Literacy to Parenting to pretty much anything, it’s wonderful! You definitely need to stop by to see what she’s been up to because I’m positive you’ll find something to love!

As Cozy as Spring mentioned me in this post: I’ve been here all day A couple of fun links: Lissa sent me to PragmaticMom last week.  I spent a good bit of time there over the weekend.  Excellent resource for book information and educational games.

KSB Links excerpted my review of I See the Sun in Nepal.

From Mama C and the Boys:  Linky Love:  books & kids & diversity & adoption & …

And, maybe I am the last one in the know here, but one of my new favorite places to get lost is Pragmatic Mom: Education Matters.

Her resources are endless, and I just dig her approach to things.  Her “caught in the act of reading” weekly feature is something I love!  Sam’s video (reading his first book) was even featured here.

From Moodle Girl’s Blog: iPad, iPod, iPhone App – List of Lists! (Miscellaneous Readings:

  1. Do iPhone/iPad apps make your kids smarter? – Blog post)

From Charlotte’s Library: The Sunday’s middle-grade fantasy and science fiction round-up! (Swordbird, by Nancy Yi Fan, at Pragmatic Mom.)

From Here In The Bonny Glen:  This and That, and a Poem by Rose

From Get Booked: Around the Blogsphere

Recently blogger Pragmatic Mom started several new series of posts. My favorite so far? The Teach Me Tuesdays. I must remember these posts when it comes time to plan programs for next year’s Summer Reading Program. Of the three or so TMTs thus far, there has been a theme of multiculturalism that perfectly fits the SRP them of One World, Many Stories.

From Tina Says:  Friday Five

Pragmatic Mom offers up a list of best novels in verse. I will admit this is not a type of book I seek, yet when I have allowed myself to read a novel written in verse, I am usually blown away.

Guest Author for the Joyful Organizer.  How To: Organize by Creating a Home Bible

Q and A in The Parent Network: Parenting In Focus.

From Capbility:Mom:  Do Good in the Virtual World from Pragmatic Mom

From MotherDaughterBookClub: Check Out This Book List for Boys at Pragmatic

From My Speech Therapy: Got a Question on Parenting?  Check out Pragmatic Mom!

Guest Post for Katie’s Bookcase:  Top 10: Children’s Books for Budding Artists

Confessions of a Bibliovore: KidLitCon 2010

Jen Robinson’s Book Page:  KidLitCon 2010

iHomeEducator:  Facebook and Pragmatic Mom – A Sincere Thank You!

Tina Says:  Friday Five: Tina Says:  2. Pragmatic Mom has a great post about the ten top children’s books featuring teachers. I love her choices, but I have a few more I might add.

Room Mom Survival Guide: Room Mom Survival Guide – Tips for Room Moms & Class Parents

Ink Spells:  Reluctant Readers. Fortunately, Pragmatic Mom has anextensive list of picks just for reluctant boy readers, and it is rife with great stories likeThe Far Side of the Mountain and How to Train Your Dragon and Secrets of Droon as well as many I didn’t know.

Our Little TogginatorSunday Linkage:  Top 10: Chinese-American Children’s Books, Ages 2-14 — at Pragmatic Mom… a few of my favorites showed up, as well as a few unknown to me: can’t wait to check them out [Hat Tip to Maryellen at A Beautiful Mess]

DesignTrackMind:  Social Media 101

Pepita: The Picture Book:  A Defense in Three Volumes. Pragmatic Mom has alerted me to the fact that one of the parents quoted in the original Times story was, in fact, misquoted—you can read about it here. Pragmatic Mom also makes the entirely plausible suggestion that cash-strapped parents are checking out costly picture books rather than buying them these days.

Jumping the Candlestick: A Couple of Nice Reviews. And Pragmatic Mom at the Pragmatic Mom site has reviewed The Pout-Pout Fish In The Big-Big Dark.

An excerpt:  “It is a rare occasion when my husband raves about a picture book…  So when he told ME to blog about this book because it’s GREAT, I have to say that I stood up at attention (figuratively as I was reclined in bed), and took note. ”

Guest Post at Volunteer Spot:  10 Tips for a Successful School Auction


I finally won a contest! Kate Messner will visit Pragmatic Mom‘s kids’ book clubs. from The Mixed Up Files of Middle Grade Authors.

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