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Free Education Websites and Games for Kids

I’ve been collecting free educational games that we’ve been assigned to do from teachers as well as links that I’ve found online. Here are my categories:

  • Math Facts
  • Fractions
  • Geometry
  • Money
  • General Math
  • Geography
  • Science
  • Endangered Animals
  • Earthquake Science
  • History
  • English Language
  • Keyboarding
  • Sign Language
  • Foreign Language
  • Personal Finance for Kids

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I also list my favorite children’s book blogs and parenting blogs. What are you favorite educational sites, blogs, games?


Free Fun Math Games

Math facts take practice to master but flashcards, both traditional and electronic, are not very fun. My kids’s teachers want math facts mastery. The goal is 50 problems (1-2 incorrect) within 2 minutes. Math fact mastery — addition, subtraction, multiplication and division — means less than 3 seconds per problem.

But if math fact flash card drilling is causing your child to melt down like mine, it’s time to change tactics. This is where gaming apps and websites come in. I think the key is to change it up. Not only will it be more fun for the child, but he or she will also retain more by having different learning experiences. Gaming is effective!

For more fun math ideas, please follow my Pinterest Board: Math Fun.

Math Facts Free Games: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division

Learning math facts using games. This collection of math games for kids includes some where they race other kids. Our favorite of this group is Multiplication Race Car and Fire the Ball Add to 10. I also have fun math apps here to learn math facts.

Fraction Math Games for Kids

These games help kids learn fractions, ratios and decimals and the relationships between them. It’s a concept that starts in 5th grade math and continues into middle school.

  • Shoot Down Blaster (Ratios to Fractions)
  • AAA Math: Fractions The Fractions portion of the AAA Math website is particularly useful because it provides visual representations and easy-to-understand instructions. You can choose from a selection of topics like basic fractions, adding fractions, comparing fractions, converting fractions, reducing fractions, etc.

Geometry Games for Kids

Some of these geometry games focus on learning terminology, but the first game requires critical thinking to solve a problem using geometry (my favorite kind of math!).

Math Money Games for Kids

Money Flashcards teaches how to count money, and once your child has that down, try the Shopping Game to solve money math word problems.

Math Games and Resources

These great math resources have online games for a range of grades and concepts. While this list was compiled with teachers in mind, parents might also find this useful to reinforce what your child is learning in school whether your child is behind, ahead or just right in math.

  • Math Chimp Free collection of online math games for grades K-8 organized by the common core standards.
  • Math-Play Math-Play has online math games that are organized by grade level, content and game type. You’ll find resources for addition, subtraction, multiplication, integers, fractions and more.
  • Math Pickle Some math concepts can be tricky but Math Pickle’s videos are really good at simplifying concepts for your students.
  • Math Game Time Math Game Time has interactive math games, videos and worksheets that are separated by grade level. Your students will be able to practice everything from counting to decimals.
  • Cool Math 4 Kids This free website looks like it may have been designed in the early 90’s, but it’s got tons of great content for addition, subtraction, times tables, long division, fractions, decimals and more.

Free Math Apps

  • Number Pieces is a great free app for iPad to have an endless number of base ten blocks at their fingertips.
  • An iPad protractor.
  • Geometry Pad lets children draw lines and shapes on graph paper.
  •  Use geoboard for different quadrilaterals and triangles or find the perimeter and area of each shape.
  • Ruler  turns your screen into a ruler.
  • Calculate how much time has passed or learn how to read a clock.
  • MathTerms Glossary is a great reference tool for students and even has Spanish language entries.


Games are a fun way to learn states and state capitals. I have several games for these in case you want to mix it up. 4th grade covered states with optional state capitals for extra credit. We also have place mats at the dinner table with the globe and the United States capitals for a fun family trivia game.

  • Name Countries of the World
  • Name the U.S. States
  • Name U.S. State Capitals
  • State Capitals of USA Game
  • Printable World Maps Free printable maps of the world’s countries. Each map is a blank outline, the better for quizzing students on cities, counties, and terrain!
  • 50 States Detailed information about each of the 50 states including abbreviations and capital cities. Excellent for teaching U.S. geography!
  • Where’s That U.S. State? This fun geography game times your students as it asks them to locate each state. How fast can your students locate each of the 50 states?
  • State Capital Crossword Puzzle


This round up of great science websites, resources and games covers a wide range of topics from physical to life sciences. It’s meant to help support STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) interest in your child. I especially want to introduce girls to science. Research has shown that if girls don’t find science interesting by the end of elementary school, they will reject it forever. This is a shame since there are so many great jobs in the STEM fields, an area that is currently dominated by men.

And do boys have an edge over girls with regard to science and math? The research says absolutely not! Girls just need to realize that math and science are skills to be acquired NOT a genetic inclination or gift!

  • Name Elements of Periodic Table
  • Steve Spangler Science Experiments A searchable directory of easy and fun science experiments and science fair ideas.
  • Water Cycle Diagram – Earthguide The interactive Earthguide Water Cycle Diagram provides a visual representation of the different parts of the water cycle, including precipitation, runoff, infiltration, evaporation, evapotranspiration, freezing and more.
  •  B-EYE Give your students a different view of the world, literally! B-EYE shows your students what the world looks like through the eyes of a bee. You can zoom in and out to truly experience the effect of compound eyes on one’s vision.
  • Life of Birds The website version of PBS’ Life of Birds is a great resource for learning about Earth’s most adaptable creatures.
  • InnerBody An interactive guide to all systems of the human body including the digestive system, immune system, muscular system, respiratory system, skeletal system and more.
  • Planet Size Comparison This super-cool website lets you pick two planets in our solar system and visually compare them. It’s great for a unit on space!
  • The Dino Directory View 3D models of five well-known dinosaurs, and learni about the origins of their names, how large they were, what they ate and when and where they lived.
  • Infrared Zoo Gallery Use the Infrared Zoo Gallery to “see” the difference between warm-blooded and cold-blooded animals. It also allows you to study how well feathers, fur and blubber insulate different animals. Very cool!

For more ideas on Science, please follow my Pinterest Board: Science Fun.


  • Fidgit Game The Fidgit game gives you lots of different engineering challenges to solve. Experiment with different designs and configurations in the challenges, and then watch to see what happens.
  • Engineering for Earthquakes Making structures strong enough to withstand earthquakes is one thing that engineers need to do as they build bridges and buildings. Play an exciting game that challenges you to build a new bridge that would withstand a very strong earthquake.
  • Bridge Builder Game This bridge building game lets you choose a level and then place pieces of material onto the screen to build a bridge. Just click your mouse where you want to place pieces. If you change your mind, click the ESC button to remove a piece. You can also test your bridge to see if it will support its weight.
  • Simple Machines Help Twitch do his work with simple machines in this fun game. You will need to solve challenges to create simple machines.
  • Build Your Own Coaster Build a roller-coaster to send people off on a wild ride. Lay tracks until your coaster is finished. After it’s done, see how people like the ride.

Endangered Animals

Children have a natural empathy for animals. With more species than ever threatened with extinction, it’s so important to teach this generation of kids about the fragile state of our planet and ecosystems.

  • ARKive The ultimate resource for breathtaking photos and videos of the world’s endangered species. Each entry also includes a description of the species (or region) and information about its range, habitat, biology, threats, conservation and more.
  • Bagheera Learn about endangered and already-extinct species from around the world at Bagheera. Classroom activities and resources are also available for additional learning opportunities.
  • eNature Use eNature’s Endangered and Threatened Species search engine to enter your zip code and learn about highly-threatened animals near you. There are also animal-related games, quizzes and other freebies available.
  • eSpecies Fact Sheets Electronic fact sheets, including photos, protection status, and info on how students can help, for over 50 endangered species.

Earthquake Science

  • Earthquakes for Kids
    The U.S. Geological Survey website provides students with information about earthquakes. They can learn about the latest quakes, watch animations, get ideas for science fairs or play earthquake-related puzzles and games.
  • Plate Tectonics Animations
    The University of California Berkeley’s plate tectonics animations demonstrate how the plates work, and the site includes information on the theories behind the motion, as information on the history of plate tectonics and animations of how plate tectonics shaped the world in the past!


You might not think of apps or games to learn history! Here is a great round up of resources to try at home or in a classroom.

  • Mission U.S.
    Mission U.S. is home to two free, interactive, immersive U.S. history games. One focuses on the American Revolution, the other focuses on a slave’s quest for freedom, and both bring history to life around the student, giving events of the past an immediate and highly personal appeal.
  • Online Hieroglyphics Translator
    Type in a phrase and see what it looks like when it’s translated to Egyptian Hieroglyphics. This is a cool activity to do if you’re covering Ancient Egypt.
  • iCivics
    Free lesson plans and interactive games for learning civics. Some of the topics covered by materials at iCivics include citizenship and participation, separation of powers, branches of government and budgeting.
  • The Underground Railroad
    Scholastic’s interactive Underground Railroad activity provides an in-depth and honest look at what life was like for slaves. It’s got audio, slideshows, videos, teacher’s guides and more.
  • The Seattle Times: Martin Luther King Jr.
    An invaluable resource to teach the incredible story of Martin Luther King Jr. This website includes a biography, timeline, seven teaching exercises, a photo gallery, a quiz and more.
  • Electoral College Calculator
    Teaching your students about the Electoral College? Using the Electoral College Calculator is a great activity to show how winning certain states can put a candidate on an easy path to the White House.
  • Plimoth Plantation: Thanksgiving Interactive Activity
    Yes, it’s spelled “Plimoth”! Trust me, I double-, triple- and quadruple-checked! This fun, award-winning activity has students role-play as history detectives who investigate what actually happened at the first Thanksgiving.

For more ideas on History, please follow my Pinterest Board: Social Studies, Election for Kids, Best Historical Fiction for Kids.

English Language

Do you ever guess on how a word is pronounced and even if it’s wrong, it’s how you want to say the word forever? I do that. As the designated read aloud parent, I am still guessing at how some words are pronounced. I will be utilizing Forvo for assistance in the future!

There are other great games to get kids learning English Language skills.

  • Fun Phonics Games
  • Learning Games for Kids – Vocabulary
  • Mad Glibs
  • Grammar Ninja Game This fun game helps your students learn the different parts of speech! There are three levels of difficulty that can be assigned to your students.
  • TVOKids: Spelling Bee Game This game plays just like a real spelling bee. Students hear the word and get one chance to spell it. They can have the word repeated and can also read a definition.
  • Forvo Forvo is the world’s largest pronunciation dictionary.
  • Vocabulary.com is dubbed one of the “50 Best Websites of 2012” by Time
  • Clean Up Your Grammer game. Put nouns vs verbs in to the right trash receptacle to clean up the beach.

For more ideas on Reading and Writing, please follow my Pinterest Board: Reading and Writing Fun, Sight Word Fun, and Reluctant Readers.


Typing skills or keyboarding is a skill that is more important than ever. This game teaches touch typing. I also have a post on best sites and apps for learning keyboarding.

Sign Language

If your child attends school with a classmate who is learning impaired, learning sign language is a helpful skill that might also be reinforced at school.

Personal Finance For Kids

Sites to Teach Kids Foreign Languages

My Favorite Children’s Book Blogs

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