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Nigella Quick Recipe App

Nigella Lawson App for Cooking

GingerbreadHouse has a great post on an iPhone/iPad app featuring my favorite cookbook author, Nigella Lawson.  The app, apparently, has Nigella’s great and easy recipes with 6 or less steps and lets you search recipes based on what you have on hand.   Read more…

Summer Salads from Whole Foods Magazine

Beautiful Summer Salad Ideas

I clipped this from an issue of Whole Foods Magazine that they were nice enough to give me when I checked out one day. I saved this particular page for a long time watching it accumulate oil stains and creases knowing that I wanted it, yet not actually doing much with it.  I do have a tendency to use my blog as a paperless file system for all the bits of useful information that I run across and want to save.  Capability:Mom reintroduced me to the Farmer’s Market in our town.  I had been avoiding it for two years since the birds in the park that holds the Farmer’s Market dropped dead from Avian Flu and this flu is transmitted by mosquitoes lethally to humans. Read more…

Easy Dinners for Busy Moms

My Riff on The Silver Palate’s Chicken Marbella

The Silver Palate is one of those classic cookbooks that everyone should have in their kitchen library.  I think the first one is still the best.  My riff of their Chicken Marbella evolved because my kids think prunes and dried apricots are “gross.” And my pepper mill has been broken for a few weeks and I keep forgetting to get a new one.  This tip is for busy parents:  buy 2 cut up chickens and marinate each chicken in a gallon size zip lock bag.  Do this over the weekend when you have more time.  Then, eat the first chicken during the week, say on Monday or Tuesday.  Freeze the second chicken for next week.  AND…use the leftover cooked chicken for a fabulous chicken salad recipe that even my kids love for packing lunches.  (or save it for your own lunch!) Read more…