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Dealing with Allergies and Reactions

Dealing with Allergies and Reactions

Babies cry because they have no other way to let their parents know of their discomfort. In some cases, the answer is simple: hungry, sleepy, dirty diaper. But with colic, illness, teething, and allergies, the answer may be harder to identify. Allergies themselves can manifest in a number of forms, including insomnia, rashes, broken skin, and overall fussiness. Oftentimes, you may need to visit a pediatrician to identify your infant’s precise allergies, but even before that you can help prevent exacerbation and even eliminate it entirely in certain cases.

Dealing with Allergies and Reactions

Opt for Specifically Labeled Non Toxic Soaps and Lotions

Dry skin, rashes, and baby acne can all be caused by allergic reactions to soap and lotion. Many parents just pick up the nearest bottle of baby lotion without checking the ingredients. But you may inadvertently be causing more problems for your little one’s skin. Chemical components or semi agitating substances like mineral oil can create or worsen an allergy. Even dyes and fragrances can cause problems. Web MD warns  parents that even the term “hypoallergenic” does not mean that the product will be gentle on the skin. It just means that it is “less likely to cause an allergic reaction.” For babies with particularly sensitive skin, hypoallergenic is probably not enough.

Choosing organic products manufactured by a reputed retailer like The Honest Company bath and body products that are specifically developed for children with sensitive skin will help prevent allergies and reduce allergic reactions while keeping your baby’s skin healthy. Oftentimes, the ingredients listed on these products will be names you recognize rather than chemicals.

To soothe your baby’s agitation and pain, you can purchase products intended to soothe allergic reactions and irritations.  You can also prepare a tepid bath with a quarter cup of ground oatmeal or two tablespoons of baking soda can help reduce the itching and agitation. Just make sure to pat your baby’s skin dry after you’re through rather than rubbing. Just remember to apply a liberal amount of chemical free baby lotion to further nourish your baby’s skin.

Be Strictest While the Rash or Symptoms Are Present

You will want to avoid perfumes and dyes while your little one is struggling with a rash. Even if these components are otherwise labeled as safe or even hypoallergenic, they can still cause problems for newborns whose skin is particularly sensitive. “How Safe Are Your Baby’s Diapers” agrees that most of the perfumes and dyes included in these products are not harmful in the long term, but an infant’s rash may be enflamed even by small exposure.

Your baby will always be more sensitive and likely to increased breakouts and reactions while the allergy is in full swing. Just as burned skin is far more sensitive to temperature changes than normal, your baby will be more sensitive to certain products while dealing with an allergic reaction. You shouldn’t overreact by banning all products forever. But while your baby is healing, it’s important to eliminate all but the gentlest of products. A skin irritation can develop during the healing period, which is distinct from an allergy. “Baby Skin Allergies 101” explains that skin irritations can be circumstantial rather than related to a specific allergen.

If you are breastfeeding, you may also want to avoid common allergen related foods like gluten, dairy, peanuts, shellfish, and so on. What you eat may not cause your baby to have a full allergy, but those foods can exacerbate a current allergy or create a temporary food sensitivity, according to Healthy Children.

Visit the Doctor

New parents in particular have reputations for worrying too much. And it’s little wonder given all the new things a parent must learn. But when your baby displays certain symptoms, you shouldn’t discount your concerns. The following symptoms will often require a visit to a pediatrician or family doctor, particularly if they do not disappear within 48 hours:

Bleeding from cracks and sores

Bumpy or oozing rashes


Severe scabbing

Blistering or splitting of the skin


If these are combined with a fever or vomiting, you should book an appointment as soon as possible.  Kids Health warns that if the baby struggles to breathe, then you should take him to the emergency room immediately. Redness of the face when combined with an overly rapid heartbeat are also indications that the baby needs emergency attention.

Milder symptoms may not require immediate medical attention. But if your baby has had a minor rash for more than two weeks, it may be wise to talk to a doctor.

Trying to meet your baby’s needs beyond the basics can be challenging, particularly if the allergy is not readily apparent. Even if you do not identify it specifically, you can sometimes soothe your baby’s symptoms. Opt for soaps, lotions, and products that are specifically made for infants with delicate skin, take extra precautions while your baby recovers, and consider visiting a doctor.

Raising Money for First Book at Multicultural Children's Book Day

Raising Money for First Book at Multicultural Children’s Book Day

We have some wonderful news about Multicultural Children’s Book Day! We are now a non-profit! This status will help us with our mission to get diversity books into the hands of underserved children.

multicultural children's book day January 27 2015

To help us with this goal, we are partnering with First Book. We will be both helping them to raise money and donating money we raise through our Multicultural Children’s Book Day to donate multicultural books to kids who need them most!

First Book and Multicultural Children's Book Day


About First Book

First Book provides access to new books for children in need. To date, First Book has distributed more than 120 million books and educational resources to programs and schools serving children from low-income families throughout the United States and Canada.  Read more…

wisdom tales press

What Would You #WishForOthers?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Capital One for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

What would you wish for this holiday season? After spending the weekend with Valarie Budayr of Jump into a Book and the wonderful staff at Wisdom Tales Press at the National Social Studies Council conference (NSSC) in Boston this past weekend, we would wish for all kids to be able to see themselves in children’s and young adult books. Read more…

My Best Energy Saving Idea

My Best Energy Saving Idea

I live outside of Boston and our house energy bill surges in the winter. And our winter lasts a long, long time! It’s not just three months, but the snow will start to fall as early as Halloween (ok, that only happened once) and last though April. We typically get a White Christmas.

Saving money on energy is always on our mind because our rising energy bill to heat our home coincides with the holiday spending season! My best idea to save energy is pretty simple yet very effective. It’s really to block the gaps in the doors of your house that let in the cold air.

The fix can be expensive — get new doors and door frames — or inexpensive. We go for easy and inexpensive by using this cold air blocking device called a door sweep by Frost King that my husband bought from Home Depot.

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New York Life Keep Good Going Twitter Party

Do Good, Share Traditions and Win Prizes

I’m so thrilled to be co-hosting a Twitter party on behalf of New York Life‘s Keep Good Going on Monday, November 24th at 5pm PST/8pm EST.  What does that mean exactly — Keep Good Going? To me, it means many things:

  • Gratitude for what is in my life.
  • Celebrating family traditions.
  • Remembering those who aren’t with us.
  • Giving back during the holiday season.

My kids are concerned about children who don’t have enough food and so we dug into our pantry for the school food drive which will help our local food pantries. Do you need a book list to help kids learn about hunger? I wrote a book list for Let’s Lasso the Moon and here are a few of my picks:

Uncle Willie and the Soup Kitchen (Reading Rainbow Book) by Dyanne Disalvo-Ryan

A little boy wants to learn more about the people he sees on the street so he accompanies his Uncle Willie to the soup kitchen where they work with other volunteers to help feed the hungry and homeless. [picture book, ages 4 and up]

Read more…

Rory Gardiner, Yee-Haw new country music album for kids

First Country Music Album for Kids GIVEAWAY!

I met country musician Rory Gardiner on Twitter. He wrote me saying:

I think music is incredibly important in the development of young minds. I am a recording artist who just released my first children’s album. After becoming a parent myself, I couldn’t resist the direction my song writing was taking me! I think your readers would could connect with it because it inhibits inspiration, fun and an artistic outlet for their kids.

I agree and after listening to his music — he’s seriously talented! — I wanted my readers to meet him! Today’s guest post is from Rory Gardiner. What children’s music are you enjoying? Rory’s is the world’s FIRST country music for kids! Read more…

Petz Beach 3DS game

Petz Beach 3DS Game for Kids Who Want a Pet!

My son, now age 10, is the serious gamer. He goes from screen to screen if we are not careful: iPad, computer, TV, Wii, and 3DS. But lately, the 3DS is rarely used; he’s waiting for the newest Pokémon games to come out, so his device is untended and uncharged.

I had purchased other Petz games in the past for his older sisters when they were younger. PickyKidPix (now 12) and Grasshopper and Sensei (now 14) both have DSi that they don’t use at all. When Petz Beach arrived, I was surprised by how my kids pounced on it. Petz Beach 3DS game Read more…

positive affirmations for kids

Positive Affirmations for Kids

Every year, Grasshopper and Sensei‘s sleepover summer camp has a mother/daughter weekend where we set up our own tent and spend two days together. The idea is for me to shadow my daughter and participate in her life at camp; meeting her friends and their mothers, eating meals with her cabin, and participating in all her activities.

Positive Affirmations for GirlsRead more…

printable fill in the blank thank you notes for kids

Writing Charming Thank You Notes (FREE Printable): Day 12 of 12 Days of Shopping

We are closing out our 12 Days of Shopping with the necessary thank you notes: Day 12 Etiquette of Thank you Notes. Thank YOU so much for joining us in this series. Jeanette and I really enjoyed your company! Thank you again! What gift categories would you like us to cover next year? How about for Valentine’s Day?!

Today we will cover:

  • How to write a thank you note
  • DIY printable thank you note for kids

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