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Why Boys Need Parents…or Boys Will Be Boys!

Crazy Things Boys Do That Are Funny!

Why boys need parents… Read more…

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Argument for Higher Pay for Teachers

Why Teachers are Severely Underpaid

I spent the last week in three parent-teacher conferences and my takeaway is that all my kids’ teachers are amazing. We are so lucky to have great teachers at our school. It probably isn’t a coincidence that elementary school has great teachers: average teacher salaries are $76k, our teachers get 1/2 days on Tuesday for development and training  plus various 1/2 days on Thursdays, and the parents at my school shoulder their fair share of the burden — we attend curriculum night, show up for our parent-teacher conferences, hire tutors if our kids are behind (or ahead), and make sure the homework gets done day after day. Read more…

10 Types of Crappy Interviewees

Cartoon Humor from The Oatmeal

This is the follow up from a previous post, 6 Crappiest Interview Questions, also from The Oatmeal. From working in the staffing business for years (ok, decades), I  actually have experienced most of these 10 Types of Interviewees. Who knew this really happens?! I know this not what I normally blog on but I couldn’t resist. What about you? Have you had any of these interviewees staring back at you? If so, please share! Read more…

6 Crappiest Interview Questions

Worst Interview Questions Ever!

I realize that this is not what I usually blog about but I have been in the staffing business for most of my working life so I find this particularly funny. And, shame on me, when I interview people, I do believe I’ve asked one or two of these questions from time to time … I think it’s because I was also trying to check my email simultaneously while phone screening someone who driveled on and on. But there is a post on that one too, also from The Oatmeal. Is this blog usually this funny? If so, I gotta get a feed! Read more…

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You Will Never Be Just Pretty!

Are Girls Taught to be Pretty?

Poet Katie Makkai defines the word “pretty” as it applies to girls, and she has very strong opinions on what message should be passed down to our daughters on this topic.  Funny, true, poignant and moving.  3 1/2 minutes of your time. Read more…

Top 10: Gods of Modern Times, As Observed by Alien Archaeologists (humor)

What We Really Worship

Maybe I am reading too much mythology via Rick Riordan lately, but it does seem like the ancient civilizations who had a plethora of gods or goddesses specific to a certain thing or two had the right idea:  specialization plus multitudes equals better chance of getting attention from deities.  Nowadays, we tend to go with the all-the-eggs-in-one-basket approach.  There is nothing wrong with that but if aliens from another planet came down here millenia from now and excavated our sliver of civilization, I bet they would think we are actually worshipping these Gods and Goddesses. Read more…

2 minute Video on the Meaning of Life

What is the Meaning of Life?

My husband sent me this lovely video that reminds me of a series of Hallmark cards that notes everything in life that is important (or not).  It’s fun to watch and it hits the nail on the head.  Enjoy!

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Snarky, Funny Fashionista Blog

Go Fug Yourself!

I wasn’t able to get my hands on the family iPad all day, so I snagged it last night when everyone when to bed.  If I seem snarky today, it’s because I was up late into the night, laughing until I snorted from GoFugYourself.  If you are old enough to remember Joan River’s TV show on Red Carpet Fashion with her daughter, this blog is 1000x funnier!  Or maybe more. Read more…

HUMOR: Cartoon of Teachers 1960 vs. 2010

Teachers Now versus Before{e4e28807-361d-44b2-8681-b42f76405d24}.gif