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Picture Book On Rescue Dog after Loss of Pet

Loss of Pet Books for Kids

I was at the library the other day trying to find books for a silly list of picture book featuring chickens (after my silly list of Top 10: Best Old Fashioned (or Not) Picture Books Featuring Spunky Ducks). I had a list of 6 books I was trying to find and struck out completely. That was a first for me and I was surprised to come up dry because my library who claims to have every book ever published. Read more…

How To: Cope after the Unbearable Loss of a Child

Coping Strategies After Death of a Child

This sensitive post is from The Children’s Book Writer.  She has a great blog and I always find interesting posts on a variety of topics there.  I was talking to Capability:Mom the other day about her friend whose two children both have had cancer.  Unimaginable!  One child’s cancer is in remission but the other child’s cancer is the bad kind.  The thought of a child dying brings overwhelming emotion to any parent, even it the child is not ours.  But for those who have actually experienced the unbearable loss of a child, Randy Gilbert, the guest author of her post,  suggests two helpful ideas: Read more…

Loss of a Pet: Picture Book for ages 4-adult (The Tenth Good Thing…)

Picture Book for Kids on Loss of Pet

Our quest for a puppy took a funny turn. We were third on the list for a female Golden Retriever and the breeder just emailed to say that one of the three female puppies had an accident and lost her tail. That news got me thinking. Our friends who just got a Black Labrador 6-week-old puppy said to try to find a vet that has a “new puppy” package because initial costs for neutering and shots were not inexpensive. She also recommended animal health insurance through Purina which has different deductibles. Capability:Mom‘s dog (a “Doodle” mix) has an auto-immune medical condition. Read more…