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Just the Facts Ma’am: On Back-to-School, Education, and Salaries

Back to School Stats

This article is from The Washington Post (Back-to-school facts: $7 billion-plus in shopping and everything else) by . I just shortened it a tad. For those who are skimming, these are the facts that I found really interesting: Read more…

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Back to School: 7 Organizational Tips

7 Days: 7 Organizational Tips for Back to School

The new school year is already upon us, and that means big changes to the family routine and lots of new things on your to-do list. Kati Chevaux, organizational expert and editor at, the No. 1 online and mobile family calendar, recommends breaking down back-to-school preparation into simple daily tasks to keep it manageable. To help, she’screated a one-a-day checklist for the crucial week before school begins. Read more…

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Back-to-School Spending is Frugal is Word of the Day

Back to School Spending is All About Frugality

According to NRF’s 2011 Back-to-School survey, conducted by BIGresearch, parents this year will make children scour their closets before agreeing to buy any new jeans, pencils or backpacks. Families with children in grades K-12 will spend an average of $603.63 on apparel, school supplies and electronics, within a few dollars of last year’s $606.40 average. Total spending on grades K-12 is expected to reach $22.8 billion. Combined K-12 and college spending will reach $68.8 billion, serving as the second biggest consumer spending event for retailers behind the winter holidays. Read more…
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Backpack That Gives Back

Backpacks that Teach Charity to Kids

My friend Capability:Mom sent this to me because I had asked her about where to shop for a backpack. She is nice like that and not only keeps track of things like that but sends along helpful links. Read more…

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Online Education: A Big Disruptor in Education?

Will Online Education Change Higher Ed Forever?

I wrestle with my son daily to keep him off screens. This morning as he was getting changed for day camp, he played a game on his DSi while pulling on his pants. At breakfast hurriedly eating toast, he also managed to simultaneously watch 10 minutes of an old Power Rangers show on the iMac using either Hulu or YouTube. After we drop off his sisters at their bus pick up, we have 30 minutes to kill before his drop off. He uses my iPhone to pass the time and he’s not playing educational math games unless I yell at him. Read more…

Top 10 Starting School Books: Kindergarten & Preschool

Starting Kindergarten and Preschool Books

A reader asked me to help her round out her list of books for incoming Preschoolers.  I searched, and there are not tons of them.  I decided to combine this with entering Kindergarten because in September, my youngest child will start Kindergarten. I feel that you can use the books somewhat interchangeably and that books that your child enjoys will be a more important factor than whether the book aligns exactly with his or her school entry point. Read more…

Preparing for Kindergarten: Activities to Do with Your Child

Getting Kids Ready for Kindergarten

I am getting my 5-year-old ready for kindergarten and I thought this is a great list of fun activities to work into the summer plans.  The activities cover:  fine motor, scissors, sensory, mid-line crossing, developing handwriting skills, ocular motor control, and  eye-hand coordination.  This article is by Loubina Buxamusa, an Occupational Therapist and Ann Mahoney, an Early Childhood Specialist. Read more…

How To: Support Your Child Academically

A Good Start to the School Year

Whew! The kids are back in school! The first month of school is typically a time to assess and review from last year. What does this mean for math? Assess and review is great except for those kids who: Read more…

Back to School Online Sales for School Clothes

 Online Back to School Clothes Sales for Kids

I am scrambling as I type to crank out some Back to School Shopping online and on sale! Read more…