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One Fish, Two Fish eBook App and Game

Best eBooks Apps for Kids Learning to Read

From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere.

Oceanhouse Media makes the best interactive eBooks, hands down.  They own the license for Dr. Seuss’ wonderful books and they actually improve the experience plus increase your child’s literacy by making the pictures on each frame interactive.  When you child touches any of the images, the word will float from the text (if the word is in the text) to the image.  If the narrator is reading the story, the story is NOT interrupted; however, the word will still float from the text to the image.  If the narrator is done reading the story, the narrator will also say the word. Read more…

Best Non-Fiction for Kids: Fangs!

Great Non-Fiction for Boys

The cover of the book alone is appealing because it is a hologram that morphs into four different animals.  You have to tilt it just right to get all four images but this was really fun for my preschooler-soon-to-be-Kindergartener son.  I don’t want to spoil the surprise so I won’t tell you which four animals appear, but hint:  they all have fangs!! Read more…

Top 10: Picture Books That Teach Life Lessons

Best Picture Books That Teach Life Lessons

I read the loveliest Top 10 Picture Books that Teach Life Lessons on the Simple Mom blog. She’s out on maternity leave so this post was from Simple Homeschool editor, Jamie Martin of Steady Mom.  Click here for the link. Read more…

Teach Gratitude with A Small Child’s Book of Prayers

Book of Prayers for Kids

I wish we went to church more often.  My husband worships at the church of 18 holes.  I do think it is a place of spirituality for him and it certainly does reveal man’s true nature.  My husband says that after a round of golf, you see the person for who his or she is … cheaters, lies to self, lies to others, poorly mannered, can’t-control-your-temper, etc.  It’s enough spirituality for him. Read more…

Learn Alphabet in Spanish: Fun for Preschoolers!

Spanish Alphabet for Preschool Kids

Spanish Flashcards has a great post from the CleverLittlePeas.  It’s a uTube video of the alphabet in Spanish.  It’s fun for kids and best of all, it’s free. Read more…

Flip Phonics App is for the Birds (Angry Birds)

Phonics App for Kids

When my oldest was a preschooler, I used to buy those phonics workbooks at Costco.  Those books were completely a waste of time (I now discovered Explode the Code! which is much, much better), but they were colorful and fun.  Some of the pages required cutting out a page to make a paper version of this Flip Phonic app.  You’d slide one long piece of paper up and down and sound out “cat”, “bat”, “rat,” “fat” …  look Ma, we’re reading! Read more…

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Use My Library Summer Book List; It’s on Your Shelves!

Best Summer Book List for Kids

My friend, CapabilityMom, asked me yesterday if I posted on the reading list from our public library (Newton Free Library) and this caused me to go into a tirade: Read more…

Top 10: Best Picture Books for Summer Reading (ages 1-8)

Best Picture Books About Summer

When I think of picture books for toddlers and preschoolers that evoke summer, I think of the beach and the zoo because we always make a point to make at least one trip to each of these and more, if possible.  But the power of books is the ability to transport readers to new experiences that they would not necessarily have including going back in time.  These are some of my very favorite books.  I hope you enjoy them and that they transport you and your child to new places. Read more…

Science of Tornados Experiment

Science of Tornados Science Project for Kids

My preschooler had this experiment set up in his classroom but when my kids were visiting for Pancake Breakfast Day, they would not stop playing with this.  It’s a great way to demonstrate the science of tornadoes AND use up some recyclables.  And this would be a fun and stress-free activity for the the summer. Read more…