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Top 10: Classic Picture Books

Best Classic Picture Books for Kids

A great list of some of my favorite books from childhood.  Thanks!  I have deep and abiding love for all of your picks!

p.s.  Here’s my list of Top 10:  Best Old Fashioned Children’s Books. Read more…

MathGirl Number Garden for preschoolers

Preschool Math App for Girls

I really like the concept of MathGirl Number Garden: make iPhone/iPad/iPod math games that appeal to girls. And it is really appealing to girls with graphics and music that are very sweet.  But I find it to be an incomplete math app.  I mean, I LIKE the idea of pre-addition — number grouping and counting, but I want to app to go further.  The app has girls counting items such as  flowers and fingers (well, gardening glove fingers).  The faster you get the answer correct, the more points you win.  There is a indication of speed with a bunny for fast counting, a bee for medium speed, and a snail for slow counters.  The answer choices are buttons that you select.  “Fast but correct” garners you more points that can be cashed in later for your virtual garden.  This gaming feature is very nice. Read more…

How To: Support Your Child Academically

A Good Start to the School Year

Whew! The kids are back in school! The first month of school is typically a time to assess and review from last year. What does this mean for math? Assess and review is great except for those kids who: Read more…

getting kids reading

Setting Up Routines at Home

Routines for Reading at Home

School is starting and usually there is a month of adjustment for both teacher and children doing things like assessing each child in a variety of subjects, getting into the rhythm of classroom routines and behavior norms, finding out how each child learns best, making new friends, and reviewing academic material from last year. It’s not a time where new learning is emphasized (except if your child is lucky enough to “loop” with his or her same class from last year in which case it’s business as usual). Read more…

7 Ideas for Social/Emotional Learning

Social Emotional Learning at School

We start school in two days and my kids are getting a little anxious about it despite being very familiar with their elementary school.  I know it’s normal to be anxious even if the transition seems small.  I came across this great list about Social and Emotional learning and the Start of School and there is great advice for both parents and teachers.  Hey, we are all in this together!  Here’s to a smooth transition to your child’s school year!  Let me know how yours went and if you have any advice on what worked for you. Read more…

Math Ninja iPhone iPad math game,, Pragmatic Mom, best math app

Fun Math App for Kids: Math Ninja

Best Math App for Boys

My five-year-old son has been hogging my iPhone and the family iPad all last week while we were on vacation.  He loaded tons of “free” games which ended up costing us $10 — (my husband: “Does he know how to read ‘free’?”  Me:  “Yes, he reads it as ‘fee.'” Hence the charges!) — and we had to yell at him to turn off the screens.  Except when we noticed he was playing Math Ninja.  True, he’d try to cheat and slyly ask us what 9 + 6 is but we were on to him.  It turns out to be a fun game for all my kids including my 10-year-old and 8-year-0ld, both girls.  And I turned out to be bad at it. Read more…

Ugly Colors board book — edgy but cute!

Ugly Doll Books for Kids

My oldest who is ten-years-old has begged me to review this book which I thought was interesting because she is long past board books. “It’s so cute!” she says. “And funny!” And it is. While it IS a board book for toddlers on colors, it has a sly wit that will appeal to adults who, no doubt, will be reading this book over and over again. Read more…

New Erica S. Perl Book: Dotty

Picture Book for Kids with Imaginary Friends

I met Eric S. Perl when she came to Wellesley, MA for her Chicken Butt book tour two years ago.  A dear Mom Friend of mine was her neighbor when they both lived in Cambridge, MA and this Mom Friend introduced me to her first book, 93 in My Family.  My Mom Friend started a  our preschooler book club and kicked off the book club with 93 in My Family.  My son loved that book and a subsequent book club meeting centered around her book signing in Wellesley. Read more…

Best Books for Kids from Australia

2010 Winners:  Australian Children’s Book Council

These are the winners to the Australian Children’s Book Council for 2010 in the categories of Older Readers, Younger Readers, Early Childhood, Picture Book of the Year, and Eve Pownall Award for Information Book of the Year. For a complete list of winners including the books that won an Honorable Mention, please see TrevorCairney’s blog. Read more…