Book Lists to Teach Kids Compassion

I believe that understanding our differences can start with a book. Are you looking for something else? I’ve cataloged my 300+ book lists: List of Lists: All My Book Lists.

Book Lists to Teach Kids Compassion

Modern Immigration and the Refugee Experience

Homelessness in Children’s Books

Special Needs Books for Kids

OCD Characters in Children’s and Young Adult Books

Where Are All the Wheelchairs in Children’s Books?

10 Groundbreaking LGBTQ Children’s Books

Understanding Transgender with LGBTQ Books for Kids

Teaching Empathy Through Books About The Importance of One’s Name

Picture Books to Teach Gratitude

10 Picture Books About Africa to Teach Empathy

Top 10: Books that Teach Kids Compassion

Wheelchair Books for Kids (and the future: Iron Man Exoskeletons)

Children’s Books with Single Parents

Teaching Kids Tolerance for Special Needs Classmates

5 Great Books for LGBT Month

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Book Lists to Teach Kids Compassion

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