50+ Picture Book Lists

I’ve indexed all my book lists and this is my compilation of picture book lists. Picture book are for everyone of every age, so I’ve made picture book lists for the very young through 8th grade. Can’t find what you need? Email me at pragmaticmomblog gmail and I’ll send you some links or make you a list.

50+ Picture Book Lists

50 Must Read Diversity Picture Books

12 Wonderful Diversity Going To Bed Books

Best Bedtime Books to Read Aloud

Hidden (or not) Things to Spot in Famous Picture Books

Josh Funk’s Top 10 Fractured Fairy Tales

11 Great Fathers Day Picture Books

Books to Gift Teachers and Principals

10 Books for Kids with Supportive Families

Picture Books Celebrating Imagination and Friendship

14 Picture Books to Teach Gratitude

Reading to Two Kids on My Lap Picture Books

Best Picture Books You’ve Never Heard Of

19 Picture Books That Teach Important Life Lessons

5 Picture Book Biographies to Teach Kids Perserverance

Best Multicultural Picture Books

10 Amazing Multicultural Picture Books About Helping Others

I hope these picture books inspire readers about the power of one … just one person can do amazing things!

Picture Book Biographies of Nobel Peace Prize Winners

Top 10: Starting School Picture Books

Top 10: Multicultural Starting School Picture Books

Top 10 Multicultural Board Books for Babies and Toddlers

It was surprisingly hard to find board books with diversity and inclusive themes.

Multicultural Picture Books to Sing

Best Multicultural Picture Books

These are the 2015 Notable Books for a Global Society picture books.

17 Wonderful Multicultural Picture Books About Food

My favorite way to learn about new cultures is through food. Explore with me as we read (and eat as recipes are linked) around the world!

Earth Day Picture Books

Madame President Election Books for Kids

Picture Books About the Presidential Election

10 Books to Help Kids Become More Responsible

Top 10: Best Picture Books for Spring and Planting a Garden

A Multicultural Round Up of Butterfly Books for Kids

Top 10 Favorite Nature Picture Books

Top 10: Strong and Capable Princess Picture Books

Picture Books that Celebrate Working Together

Top 10: Books for a Young Prince

10 Great Truck Picture Books

Top 10: Moon Themed Adventure Picture Books

Martial Arts Match Up: Books with Martial Art

Best Alien Books for Kids That Build Vocabulary

Best Picture Books to Build Vocabulary

Picture Books for Kids Who Like to Build

5 Picture Books Like Harold and the Purple Crayon

Great Biographies for Kids From Paula Yoo

African-American Pioneering Female Musicians

5 African Americans Who Excelled in the Arts

10 Books for Children Who Dream of Flying

Immigrating to a New Country Picture Books

5 Feel-Good Picture Books About Africa

These five books show different perspectives from the story of young Masaii girl who wants to touch the moon to visiting family in Tanzania and The Gambia.

Ten Fabulous Folktales From Around the World

Top 10: Best World Religion Children’s Books

We are “homeschooling” world religion since we don’t go to church.

Children’s Africana Book Award

Africa Access was founded in 1989 to help schools, public libraries, and parents improve the quality of their K-12 collections on Africa.

Top 10: Best Books for Young Artists

Top 10 Multicultural Dance Picture Books for Kids

May all dancers of color be inspired to reach for their dreams with this book list.

Top 50: Best Multicultural Children’s Books

This was a great list that covered many ethnicities and is categorized by genre.

Great New Picture Book Finds

Wheelchair Books for Kids (and the future: Iron Man Exoskeletons)

Multicultural Soccer Books for Kids

View soccer as it’s played around the world through the eyes of these picture books.

10 Books to Expose Kids to a Foreign Language

8 Great Books for Kids for National Italian American Heritage Month

5 Great Books for Kids to Celebrate LGBT Month

5 Fun Interactive Picture Books

Diversity Picture Books for 4th Grade

23 Great Picture Books for 5th Grade

Diversity Picture Books for 5th Grade

Diversity Picture Books for 6th Grade

Diversity Picture Books for 7th Grade

Diversity Picture Books for 8th Grade

Picture Books for Finding Courage

10 Hilarious Cat and Dog Picture Books

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50+ Picture Book Lists

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