Civil Rights Movement Book Lists for Kids

I have all my book list posts on the Civil Rights Movement below. If you need other book lists, I’ve (finally) indexed and cross referenced all 300+ of my book lists (and vow to keep it updated): List of Lists: All My Book Lists.

Civil Rights Movement Book Lists for Kids

My kids study the The Civil Rights Movement in the United States in 4th grade and I’m pleased to see a handful of important and often, award-winning, picture books, chapter books and Young Adult books published each year.

Civil Rights Movement Through Art and Books for Kids

Civil Rights Movement Books for 4th Grade

Top 10: Best Children’s Books On Civil Rights Movement

This list covers picture books, chapter books and young adult.

Top 10: Best African-American Picture Books (ages 4-12)

If you read these picture books in order, it gives an overview of the African-American experience historically starting from slavery to the present day.

Ruby Bridges and Picture Book As Fast as Words Could Fly

Meeting Ruby Bridges was a thrill for me and further reinforced how important it is for kids to learn about the Civil Rights Movement.

Young Booker T. Washington: Fifty Cents and a Dream.

An advanced picture book that paints a portrait of Booker T. Washington as a determined young boy.

Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr with Three Books 

If you just want a snapshot of the Civil Rights Movement for young children, try these three books: two picture books and a chapter book.

2010 Africana Awards for Best Children’s Literature


5th Grade Social Studies And How to Make It Interesting

I have a section in this post about the Civil Rights Movement.

Black History Month Books for Kids and Teens

5th Grade Slavery Unit Books

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Civil Rights Movement Book Lists for Kids

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