40+ Asian American Book Lists for Kids

40+ Asian American Book Lists for Kids

One of the most exciting things for me about blogging was discovering Asian American books for kids. This genre was just starting to emerge a few years ago when I started blogging. Growing up, I read extensively but I never found books that were like me — an Asian American 2nd and 3rd generation girl living in the suburbs. I’m thrilled to find that this is no longer the case.

Recognizing Children’s Books for AAPI Heritage Month (a huge list)

Chinese New Year Picture Books INSTEAD of Tiki Tiki Tembo

Asian New Year Picture Books and Crafts

Vietnamese Folk Tales for Kids

Lao and Hmong Children’s Books

Filipino Folk Tales

Hawaiian Folk Tales & Children’s Books

9 Asian Cinderella Picture Books Including the Original

Lao and Hmong Children’s Books

Funny Asian Fractured Fairy Tales

Seven Amazing Folk Tales from India

Books for Kids and Teens to Learn About Indian Culture

Filipino American Children’s Books

14 Asian American Picture Books About Food

Martial Arts Match Up: Books with Martial Art

Top 10: Ninja Books for Kids

Janet Wong on Lunar Year Traditions with Book List!

Funny Asian Fractured Fairy Tales

3 Amazing Wordless Picture Books

I love these wordless picture books by Asian and Asian American authors/illustrators so much that I made videos of them on my Instagram.

My Favorite Asian American Books for Kids

12 Books to Explore China for Chinese New Year

Kite Flying Books for Kids

Top 10: Best Asian American Books by CoolAsianKids

CoolAsianKids made a wonderful list of their favorite Asian American KidLit.

Asian in America (Amy Chua, new Asian KidLit, dumpling recipe!)

These recently published books show the new diversity of Asian American KidLit as well as the high quality of this genre.

Asian American Children’s Book Awards 2014

APALA Awards for Best Asian American Children’s Books 2013

The Asian Pacific American Libraries Association has announced their 2013 literature award winners.

Exploring Vietnam: Culture and KitLit

I created a series of posts a while back that I called Teach Me Tuesday. I wanted to explore a country using children’s books as well as different elements of their culture from art to food to artisans. This was the first post I did of this series on Vietnam (and my best one!).  The Teach Me Tuesday series is here.

Sri Lanka with Kids Books, Recipe and Design

A friend from Sri Lanka gave me a recipe that he loved as a child and this sparked this post. Finding the books is always the toughest part for me.

Exploring Laos with Books for Kids, Culture and Art

The more I learned about Laos, the more I want to go to this mysterious, beautiful and tragic country.

Bangladesh: Culture, Alpanas, Children’s Books, Recipe and More!


Top 10: Philosophical Zen Picture Books for Kids

Korean American Books for Kids

I’m half Chinese and Japanese and I married a Korean. My first multicultural book lists were on these three ethnicities as a way to show my children their heritage. The Korean American culture is so strong in America that this first post went viral.

10 Picture Books Celebrating Korean Culture

15 Great Korean Folk Tales for Kids

Top 10: Korean American Children’s Books (ages 2-16)

This is the first post of mine ever to go viral.

15 Great Korean Folk Tales

Discovering Korea for Kids with Kids’ Books, Art and Food

I wanted to learn more about my husband’s family history so this is a very personal journey of discovery.

Korean-American Picture Book Teaches Multicultural Lesson

I don’t often do individual book reviews but finding this great Asian American book at the library made me want to post on it.

Japanese American Books for Kids

21 Wonderful Japanese Folk Tales

Japanese Internment Books for Kids

Learning About Japan Picture Books for Kids

For your young ninja, books to learn about Japan.

Connecting Science and Art: Hokusai’s The Great Wave

It’s amazing how a single piece of art can have a ripple effect, inspiring others all around the world and for many generations.

In Memory of Hiroshima Bombing Books and Crane Origami for Kids

Top 10: Japanese American Children’s Books (ages 2-16)

WWII Internment seems to dominate Japanese American books for kids. I agree that it is an important lesson in history — my own mother was forced to relocate but I also hunger for books that explore other facets of being Japanese American.

Let’s Go Fly a Kite!

Kite flying is an important ritual in Asia and I’ve rounded up every great kite flying book thanks to a little help from my friends and readers.

Best BiLingual Japanese Books for Kids

This was my response to a reader request.

Japan: Books for Kids on Shogun, Family Crests, Block Prints

I explore my own Japanese history in this post.

Japanese American Post Internment Story: Journey Home (ages 8-12)

These older books explore the Japanese American internment experience during WWII, a shameful chapter in America’s history.

Pearl Harbor Day Books for Kids


Chinese American Books For Kids

There is such a diveristy of Chinese American books for kids from philosophy, culture and contemporary times.

Top 10 Books to Learn About Chinese Culture

Top 10: Chinese American Children’s Books (ages 2-14)

I wanted to show the breadth and depth of Chinese American books for kids. These were our favorites.


24 Wonderful Chinese Folk Tales for Kids

Top 10: Best Chinese New Year Books for Kids

I never had a great Chinese New Year picture book despite always doing a Chinese New Year presentation for my children’s preschool so I was determined to upgrade!

4th of July Picture Books with an Asian Twist

Fourth of July from a Chinese American immigrant’s perspective via picture books. Yep, this is what I blog about!

Grace Lin’s Latest Chapter Book is Her Best Ever!

I’m a huge fan of Grace Lin. I consider her the Amy Tan of children’s literature.

Grace Lin’s Dumpling Days: Delicious as Always!

I love the Pacy series which is based on Grace Lin’s life. This chapter book about her trip to Taiwan actually covers several of Lin’s own summer vacations.

Grace Lin Book Club for Kids

Grace’s favorite books growing up!

Asian American Chapter Book for Girls

Lisa Yee portrays the dilemnas of modern day Asian American kids caught between assimilation and Tiger parents.

Percy Jackson + Chinese Mythology = The Monkey King’s Daughter

A Chiense mythology action adventure series.


South Asian Books for Kids

South Asian culture and books are foreign to me too so I wanted to learn more.

Seven Amazing Folk Tales from India

Books for Kids and Teens to Learn About Indian Culture

Books for Kids About Cambodia

Children’s Books on Holi, the Hindu Spring Festival

Top 10: Best Southeast Asian American Children’s Books (ages 2-14)

It was sad to find that most of the books on this list were out of print. There are some great ones lately but with such a large population of Southeast Asian Americans, I’m hoping more books in this genre will be published.

4th Grade Skype Author Visit: Sheela Chari of Vanished

Sheela Chari’s debut mystery chapter book is award winning!

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40+ Asian American Book Lists for Kids

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