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Each book list below is a list of lists. There are 300+ book lists for kids and teens that I’ve made, cross categorized. Click on the blue text to see the list.

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Summer Reading Lists

78+ Summer Reading Book Lists

20 Great Books For Kids of All Ages Set During the Summer

Best Middle School Books for Summer Reading

Read Aloud Book Lists By Grade

Find the Right Level of Book

Book Lists for Reluctant Readers

Book Lists for Advanced Young Readers

36+ Book Lists by Grade

By Genre

Picture Book Lists

Bilingual Book Lists

Easy Reader & Early Chapter Book Lists

Graphic Novels Book Lists

Biography Book Lists

Historical Fiction Book Lists

Fantasy Adventure Book Lists

Poetry Book Lists for Kids

Mythology & Folk Tale Book Lists

Mysteries for Kids Book Lists

Young Adult Book Lists

Diverse, Multicultural, and Inclusive Book Lists for Kids and Teens

Multicultural Books for Children: 60+ Book Lists

African American Book Lists for Kids

Hispanic American Book Lists for Kids

Arab American Book Lists for Kids

Jewish Book Lists for Kids

Native American Book Lists For Kids

Asian American Book Lists for Kids

  • Asian American
  • Korean American
  • Japanese American
  • Chinese American
  • South Asian American

Miscellaneous Book Lists

Art Projects and Books for Kids

Book Lists for a Particular Location

  • Florida
  • Chicago
  • Boston
  • Rainforest
  • Immigrating
  • Undocumented Immigrant
  • Poland
  • Africa
  • China
  • Japan
  • Vietnam
  • Sri Lanka
  • Laos
  • Bangladesh

Book Lists Around a Particular Animal

  • Dragon
  • Duck
  • Dinosaur
  • Hamster & Guinea Pig
  • Crocodile
  • Zoo
  • Pokémon
  • Cat & Dog

Book Lists for Difficult Situations

  • Birds and Bees Talk
  • Best Friend Moves Away
  • Afraid of the Dark
  • Inappropriate Touch
  • Living in Alcoholic Home
  • Domestic Violence
  • Bullying
  • Loss of Pet
  • Cancer
  • Incarcerated Parents
  • Grief and Loss
  • Homelessness

Book Lists to Teach Kids Compassion

Book Lists with Science and Math

Civil Rights Movement Book Lists for Kids

Books to Teach Kids Something Specific

  • Being Responsible
  • Presidential Election
  • Money and Personal Finance
  • Personal Space
  • Veterans Day
  • Shakespeare for Kids
  • Women’s History Month
  • Memorial Day
  • Young Activists
  • Word Concepts
  • Medieval Times
  • Back To School
  • Courage

Sports Specific Book Lists for Kids

Book Lists for the Seasons

Predicting the Caldecott & Newbery Book Lists

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List of Lists: 300 Book Lists for Kids

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