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How To: Hold a Successful Yard Sale

What You Need to Know Before Having a Yard Sale

I found a great snippet on This Old House Magazine and wanted to add their pearls of wisdom. They stress the importance of titling your event wisely. ESTATE SALE or MOVING SALE will draw a bigger crowd than Yard Sale. Of course! This is just good marketing! Read more…

Top 10: Tips to Get Kids to Do Chores

Kids and Chores

Please welcome my guest author, The Joyful Organizer.  I don’t know about you, but my husband is obsessed with that show Hoarders. Recently he happened upon a few houses in our town that could qualify for that show, and every time he is up close and personal with hoarders, he comes home and starts purging our house like crazy.  With a new year here, it IS a good time to get organized, and getting your kids to help would be a dream come true for us!  What I like about The Joyful Organizer’s tips is that they are realistic and achievable.  Even if you only pick one tip to implement, it’s a good start.   Read more…

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12 Ways to Get Organized Before the Holidays!

Getting Organized for the Holidays!

Every year you say you are going to do it. Get prepared before the holiday rush. And every year, you find yourself running around the mall at the last minute when you could be home wrapping gifts or baking cookies. It’s the perfect time of year to make your holiday fantasies come true. This year you can be watching holiday movies while everyone else you know is at the mall.

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