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50 Worst Job Interview Mistakes by Karen Burns

How to Blow a Job Interview

More great career advice by Karen Burns perfect for anyone looking for a summer job!  And check out her blog at

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Top 10: Tricky Interview Questions and How to Answer

Overcome Shyness During Your Job HuntI came across this post on tricky interview questions and how to answer them from Karen Burns.

Karen Burns is the author of the illustrated career advice book The Amazing Adventures of Working Girl: Real-Life Career Advice You Can Actually Use, recently released by Running Press. She blogs at If you child is looking for a summer job, have him or her peruse this.

1. “Tell me about yourself.”

  • DO: Talk about the ways that what you know and what you can do are perfectly suited to this job.
  • DON’T: Tell the interviewer your life story.

2. “Tell me something bad you’ve heard about our company.”

  • DO: You wouldn’t apply for a job at a company you disapproved of, would you? So you should be able to honestly answer that you haven’t heard anything negative about this place.
  • DON’T: Repeat gossip you might have heard.

[See how to ace the phone interview.] 3. “Why should I hire you?”

  • DO: Impress your interviewer with how much you know about the company’s requirements and then describe how you are the best person to meet those requirements.
  • DON’T: Get tripped up by a lack of prior research.

4. “Where do you see yourself in five years?”

  • DO: Talk about how your specific abilities, training, and experience will enable you to smoothly integrate with this company.
  • DON’T: Say that you have no idea.

5. “How would you react if I told you your interview so far was terrible?”

  • DO: Recognize that this is a test to see if you get flustered. Say, mildly, that you would ask for reasons why.
  • DON’T: Freak out. Remember, the interviewer said “if.”

[See how to keep your thank-you note out of the trash.] 6. “What’s the last book you read?”

  • DO: Mention a book that reflects well on you. Choose something by a reputable author that your interviewer has probably heard of.
  • DON’T: Name a book you haven’t actually read.

7. “Can you work under pressure?”

  • DO: Say that of course you can, and then relate a brief story about a time you did.
  • DON’T: Just say, “Yes I can.” Provide a specific example.

8. “Who’s your hero?”

  • DO: Name a person who has inspired you and then describe specifically how this inspiration relates to your work.
  • DON’T: Get caught off-guard by what should really be a softball question. Come prepared with a good answer.

9. “Have you ever considered starting your own business?”

  • DO: Talk about how you are happiest and do your best work in a company that is amazingly similar to the one you’re applying at.
  • DON’T: Go on and on about how you’d love to be your own boss one day.

10. “If you won the lottery, would you still work?”

  • DO: Be honest and say you’d be thrilled to win the lottery; then add that even if you did you’d still seek out satisfying work, because work is what makes people happy.
  • DON’T: Say that you’d never work again (too honest) or that you’d just work for free (too BS-y).

[Video: How to Ace the Interview.] Bottom line: It pays to think through in advance how you would handle some of the more common trick questions. In general, remember never to badmouth or blame others, especially past employers. Be careful not to betray your nervousness with jittery body language. Don’t lie or babble, or show frustration, impatience, disappointment, or anger. The most important thing to remember is that hiring managers who ask these questions are far more interested in how you answer than what you answer. They just want to see how well you think on your feet. So even if a question completely flummoxes you, keep your cool, smile, and look ‘em in the eye.

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Asian Adoption Chapter Book: Kimchi and Calamari by Rose Kent

Multicultural Chapter Book for Kids with Adoption Themes

14-year-old Joseph Caldararo has a loving family and is a well-adjusted popular kid at school. But when his social studies teacher assigns a paper on Your Cultural heritage, his world gets turned upside down. He knows he’s adopted from Korea when he was just an infant and it’s never really bothered him before, but now it does. It doesn’t help that the new dry cleaners are taken over by a Korean family who are off-out by his adoption. And it makes his parents upset when he wants to learn more about his own cultural heritage. His best friend assists him in conducting an internet search to try to trace his parents but that’s a long shot at best! But what to write for this paper? His confusion about who he is leads him down a path of deceit and now everything is a mess. On top of this, he’s trying to get a date for the school dance. Whoever said that middle school is tough is right! [chapter book, ages 9-12] Read more…

Asian American Chapter Book for Girls

Multicultural Chapter Book for Girls

Millicent Min is an 11-year-old girl genius with no social skills or friends except for her Grandmother Maddie. While Millicent can rationalize her solitude, her parents and grandmother co-conspire to socialize her. They force her to play volleyball and to tutor an annoying Chinese American kid, Stanford Wong, who is the polar opposite of her. Things look up for Millicent when she makes her first friend, Emily, at volleyball. But things come to a head when Emily finds out that Millicent and Stanford are lying to her as they both try to hide their tutoring arrangement from her. And to make matters worse, Maddie decides to move to England. Millicent is a genius, but can she figure out how to repair her friendship? Read more…

Introducing … Sasha Abramowitz: Teaches Compassion for Turret’s

Best Chapter Books that Teach Compassion

I am shocked that Introducing…Sasha Abramowitz by Sue Halpern did not win any awards. It reminds me a lot of Rules by Cynthia Lord which won a Newbery Award.  Must have been a tough year that year!  If you child like Rules, s/he will love this book. Read more…

Puppy Training Books

Best Books to Train Your New Puppy

I just told my neighbor up the street that we don’t see that often that we are getting a puppy.  She said, “I know, your oldest already told me.”  News travels fast around my neighborhood.  Our kids had asked us repeatedly for a puppy for years.  Our ingenious reply, or so we thought, was to say that they could have a puppy when the youngest turns five.  But then he turned five, and immediately the pressure was on.

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Dr. Seuss: Perfect Graduation Present for $10

Dr. Seuss Book Set Makes Perfect Graduation Present

When I graduated from High School (and college for that matter), my parents were excited to send out lots of graduation announcements to everyone they knew. I ended up with an array of gifts including lots of pens. I’m not sure what new graduates need or want these days. With their laptops and online notes, they may…gasp!..not even need to take notes at class or even attend class. So when I came across this, I thought this might be the perfect small gift for someone newly graduated to say congratulations and enjoy the journey! Read more…

Chewy Jewelry for Orally Fixated Kids from Kid Companion

Chewy Jewelry for Orally Fixated and SPED Kids

My oldest daughter bites her nails.  It’s pretty bad actually because her nails are bitten down to nubs.  We’ve tried talking to her and putting band aids and the like but it didn’t really work.  So, I found this Chewy Jewelry from Kid Companion on Twitter and it’s a necklace you can chew on designed for special needs kids.  My daughter loves those fidgets also; the special needs kids in her class get them to help keep them focused and she’s always been jealous that she doesn’t get one to play with. Read more…

Dr. Seuss on iPhone as eBook: Better than the Book!

Best eBooks are Old Classics like Dr. Seuss

I just got an iPhone about a month ago and I’ve been struggling to figure it all out.  Who knew you can only send out emails from one email account even if two of your accounts are through gmail?   Read more…