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iReward Chart app to track Summer Goals

Reward Chart App for Kids

I got this from iReward Chart iPhone/iPad app many months ago and I didn’t use it.  I hadn’t really figured out this whole reward/allowance thing yet.  A Mom Friend with a M.B.A. who is really on top of all things financial said that she paid the child’s age in allowance each week in exchange for a short list of chores:  make bed, keep room clean,  put away your folded clean laundry, and clear your own dishes.   With this money, the child saved some, spent some, and gave some to charity.  The allocation was left to the child’s discretion. Read more…

Oh, The Places You’ll Go with this App eBook!

Go Places with Oh, The Places You’ll Go Dr. Seuss App for Kids

I must say this a lot but I LOVE Oceanhouse Media’s iPhone and iPad apps.  They have the exclusive license for Dr. Seuss and they do a bang up job every time to make a classic even better by adding INTERACTIVITY!  All the Dr. Seuss iPad and iPhone apps let you click on a picture and have the word float from the text to the image.  And the narrator says the word.  It’s a great feature for teaching little ones word recognition, plus it’s fun! Read more…

best native american books for kids

Top 10: Native American Children’s Books (ages 2-16)

Best Native American Books for Kids

I had the privilege of meeting two Native Americans at the NMSDC (National Minority Supplier Diversity Council) Advanced Management Education Program at Kellogg a few weeks ago.  While I was there to learn about entrepreneurship, I couldn’t help but query them about the Native American children’s literature they grew up.  The upshot is that there is very little and the really good stuff is not well known.

I had to dig on the internet and ask my “go to” librarian for books that portray the experience and tell the story of the Native American people.  Of course, there is not one story but many.  These books help to depict a portion of their story and I would urge you to share these stories with your children so that their stories are not lost and their rich history becomes mainstreamed.  It was both an education and a great pleasure for me to find and read these stories include Abernaki, Iroquis, Mohawk, Lakota, Navajo, Cheyenne, Creek, Cherokee, Potowatami, and Sioux Native Americans. I hope you enjoy them too. Read more…

Top 10: Best Picture Books for Summer Reading (ages 1-8)

Best Picture Books About Summer

When I think of picture books for toddlers and preschoolers that evoke summer, I think of the beach and the zoo because we always make a point to make at least one trip to each of these and more, if possible.  But the power of books is the ability to transport readers to new experiences that they would not necessarily have including going back in time.  These are some of my very favorite books.  I hope you enjoy them and that they transport you and your child to new places. Read more…

Teach Kids that Learning is Cool

Can You Teach Kids that Learning is Cool? Gates Foundation Betting on It!

At the school district I live in, I am told that the coolest kids in Middle School are the ones who are perceived as the smartest.  Not the athletes.  Not the beautiful crowd.  This was not the Middle School that I attended.  Now Bill and Melinda Gates are betting that, through the magic and $ of the Gates Foundation, they can teach kids that learning is cool!  More power to them!  This is how they are doing it: Read more…

Top 10: Best Young Adult Books of 2010 (ages 12-18)

Best Young Adult Books for Teens

This list is from the Young Adult Library Services Association. They took their 101 YA Books and narrowed it down to 10. This list is alphabetical order and includes fiction and non-fiction. Read more…

Science of Tornados Experiment

Science of Tornados Science Project for Kids

My preschooler had this experiment set up in his classroom but when my kids were visiting for Pancake Breakfast Day, they would not stop playing with this.  It’s a great way to demonstrate the science of tornadoes AND use up some recyclables.  And this would be a fun and stress-free activity for the the summer. Read more…

FREE and FUN Web Game: Spanish Vowels for Kids

Learning Spanish Games for Kids

From my friends at Spanish Playground, a great FUN and FREE web game to learn Spanish vowel sounds.  Thanks Spanish Playground!!! Read more…

Parenting and the Internet

Internet Safety for Parents

This was a useful article I got from Media Post on Parenting and the Internet.  We all worry about stranger danger out there online.  It’s a whole new world of dangers for our children! Read more…