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Go Fug Yourself!

I wasn’t able to get my hands on the family iPad all day, so I snagged it last night when everyone when to bed.  If I seem snarky today, it’s because I was up late into the night, laughing until I snorted from GoFugYourself.  If you are old enough to remember Joan River’s TV show on Red Carpet Fashion with her daughter, this blog is 1000x funnier!  Or maybe more. Read more…

Top 10: Reasons Why I Love My Android

Why Androids are Better than iPhones

I am the last person to adopt new technology which is why when I was talking to a Mom Friend about blogging she said that the thing that struck her the most was that I was actually blogging which impressed her because she knew that  I had not a shred of technical ability. I have a Harvard Professor Mom Friend who is just the opposite.  She just got an Android, right from the get-go.  She loves it but  I am in no hurry to try it.  But if you are thinking of getting an Android, Valerie P from TuesBlog just posted on 10 Reasons Why I love My Android.  I hope this is helpful to you new technology adopters!  More power to you!  (And I’ll be bugging you in time to have you explain how to use my Android.  When I get one.  In, say, 2015.) Read more…

Dr. Seuss eBook apps: All are Awesome and Teach Kids to Read!

Best eBook Apps for Kids

I have posted on the Dr. Seuss ebooks for iPhone/iPad/iPod apps by Oceanhouse Media previously (How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Dr. Seuss ABC, The Cat in the Hat, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, The Loraxand Oh The Places You’ll Go) and how much I think their apps are the gold standard for ebooks.   Read more…

Top 25: Educational Apps for Android

Best Android Apps for Education

Lest you worry that I am leaving out apps for Android users because I am not a new technology adopter, here is a list I found for 25 best Education Apps for Android from   Read more…

Back to School Online Sales for School Clothes

 Online Back to School Clothes Sales for Kids

I am scrambling as I type to crank out some Back to School Shopping online and on sale! Read more…

Tiger Mom Parenting Rejected in China

No More Tiger Mom Parenting in China!

Capability:Mom loves the Wall Street Journal, as do I, but my husband does not like right wing publications so my subscription was never renewed and actually banned from my house.  She sent me this interesting link on a phenomenon in China regarding a new parenting book that is all the rage that I would rename:  Forget Thousands of Years of Confucian Thinking That is the Back Bone of Your Society and Embrace Western Child Rearing Practices. It’s actually titled Chinese Parenting Advice Undergoes a Small Revolution by Victoria Ruan. This seemingly innocuous best seller might actually be a game-changer — imagine if the next generation of children in China (billions of them) start thinking like a Westerner?!  Democracy can’t be far behind. (And it’s a slippery slope to spoiled children who don’t listen to their elders !). Read more…

Amazing Adolescent with Cancer Young Adult Book

Books for Middle School That Teach Compassion

I am  not exactly sure why I am on a posting jag on books about children with cancer, but I have read both of these books recently. Nurse with the Red Clown Nose (an eBook picture book app for iPhone/iPad/iPod) and a Young Adult novel, Ever After Ever, by Jordan Sonnenblick seem to be a yin/yang serendipitous pairing.  There are not many people I know whose lives haven’t been touched by cancer, and these books give a perspective from a child with cancer’s point of view.  If you want to read my review of The Nurse with the Red Clown Nose, please click here. Read more…

The Nurse with the Red Clown Nose ebook to Teach Kids about Cancer

eBook for Kids Teaches Compassion for Children with Cancer

StoryBoy sent me some codes to try out some of their ebooks and this one really moved me. The Nurse with the Red Clown Nose is an ePictureBook for iPhone/iPad/iPod and it’s a really simple but moving story about a child going through chemotherapy and her wonderful nurse who sometimes dons a red clown nose when the kids least expect it to make them laugh. Read more…

iPhone/iPad/iPod app: iLiveMath Speed (word problems for ages 6-12)

iLiveMath Speed uses race cars, sail boats, jets, the Space Shuttle, and more to teach Distance = Rate x Time, ratios, km/hour, mph, knots, and speed of sound terms such as Mach, supersonic, and hypersonic in a word problem format!  I really like this app because it introduces Physics as a multiplication word problem appropriate for older elementary school students.

I don’t know about you, but I really struggled through Pre-Med college physics and had to get friends to help explain basic concepts to me (i.e.  see how we are walking at the same pace?  That’s speed.  Speed = distance X time [miles per hour or mph or km per hour].  Now we are walking faster.  Acceleration is the increase in speed.  The formula is acceleration = force / mass.  Force = mass X gravity.)  Yikes!  It gets complicated quickly that it is nice to introduce these concepts in a fun way such that it becomes intuitive rather than a memorization of formulas.  This app doesn’t actually cover acceleration but by teaching Distance = Rate x Time, it’s an appropriate and intuitive introduction to physics for an elementary school student.

The format of iLiveMath Speed is similar to iLiveMath Trains so click here to read that review which goes over some nice features in both apps such as the roll-y answer bar and the number sentence for correct answers.

Here are the levels for iLiveMath Speed with a sample problem from the app.

Level 1:  Addition and Subtraction

A lead pack of 13 Formula One cars drafted in a line and as they rounded a turn, 2 zoomed ahead.  How many are left behind?

Level 2:  Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication (speed, rate, distance and time)

If sailboats raced at an average speed of 16 knots, how many nautical miles are traveled in 2 hours?  (1 knot = 1 nautical mile/hr).

Level 3:  Advanced Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication (with speed, rate, distance and time)

If a Maglev train journeyed at an average speed to 223 mph, how many miles are traveled in 7 hours?  (Distance = Rate x Time)

Again, like iLiveMath Trains, there are appealing photos of things that go fast as well as fun sound effects.  Here are some screen shots:

This app is appealing to boys but I would try girls out on it as well!  The app is $3.99 and can be purchased at iTunes.  You can click on the little icon above to check out at iTunes.

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Follow PragmaticMom’s board Math Fun on Pinterest.