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How To: Pick a Family Dog

Choosing a Family Dog

Capability:Mom sent this to me from an email newsletter she gets from Daily Candy.  I searched their site for a link but was unable to get it so I posted the main excerpt below.

But first, this is the story of my family dog odyssey: Read more…

Life Lessons from Billionaires for Kids

Life Lessons Billionaires Can Teach Kids

I got permission from Sean Rein to repost his excellent article which is on  I thought this article was excellent for the lessons that it imparts for raising children.  I added additional lessons to teach our children that will serve them well in life, and certainly in the business arena,  should they chose that path.  Forgive me if they are cliches or “Everything I Learned at Kindergarten Sandbox-ish.” Read more…

$200+ Designer Jeans for Kids?

A Cheap Source for Designer Jeans for Kids

DesignTrackMind asked me if I bought designer jeans for my girls.  Tractor jeans?  Yes,  I do buy Tractor skinny jeans for my oldest because they fit her well and I don’t have to hem them so they end up fitting for about two years. Read more…

Your Dog Is what It Eats

Dog Food Analysis Website

Thank you to my childhood friend and neighbor growing up, Carolyn,  for this website:  Dog Food Analysis. In their own words: Read more…

3 Life Lessons From Picture Books…

Picture Books Teach Life Lessons

This is a nice blog with tagline: Where Grandmas Bond, Brag and Benefit. Don’t you just love that? Here Pam Allyn shares her love of books with her granddaughter — a love that helps teach her grandchildren a sense of empathy, a sense of community, and ignites a child’s imagination. Thanks for the great post and great picture book picks! Read more…

Top 10: Best TV Shows to Watch as a Family

Best Family TV

I met with Capability:Mom and DesignTrackMind the other day ostensibly to go over our Web Grader grades on our blogs.  We did eventually get around to that but we spent the first hour on random topics including our kid issues.  I have to say that I had forsworn TV since I started working and blogging … blogging being very low paying and time intensive so I had to reach deep years back.  Luckily DesignTrackMind is a TV junkie and Capability:Mom really does screen her TV shows carefully for her kids.  Here’s the list.  Please leave a comment with your suggestions, both what you love and hate for your kids.  Thanks! Read more…

Plants and Foods That are Deadly to Cats

Deadly Plants and Food for Cats

Even though I don’t have a cat now, I grew up with Siamese cats so I thought I would round out my Things Dogs Eat That Can Kill Them with a cat version.  I noticed that the foods are basically the same for dogs and cats but here are charts of plants and foods that are bad for cats. Read more…

Celebrity Sightings with DesignTrackMind

On Being on TV with DesignTrackMind

My mom friend, DesignTrackMind, has some exciting news!  She is the Interior Designer for the new This Old House project that is underway in my neck of the woods (Auburndale, MA).  She’s having a blast.  We hear snippets. “Best clients in the world!”   And, “Tom Silva and Norm Abrams are really as nice as they seem to be on T.V. and possibly even hotter in person!”  And even, “Best volunteer job ever!” Read more…

From Kids Lit: TD Canadian Children’s Lit Awards (ages 2-16)

This is from Kids’ Lit which is from the Menemsha Library and is a really awesome blog.  You know, the kind that put you to shame?  Yeah, it’s that good!

These make great gifts to the Canadians in your life.

TD Canadian Children’s Literature Award

Dragon Seer by Janet McNaughton

Home Free by Sharon Jennings

The Hunchback Assignments by Arthur Slade

A Thousand Years of Pirates by William Gilkerson

Watching Jimmy by Nancy Hartry

Marilyn Baillie Picture Book Award

The Delicious Bug by Janet Perlman

Me and You by Geneviève Côté

Our Corner Grocery Store by Joanne Schwartz

Timmerman Was Here by Colleen Sydor

You’re Mean, Lily Jean by Frieda Wishinsky

Norma Fleck Award for Canadian Children’s Non-Fiction

Adventures on the Ancient Silk Road by Priscilla Galloway

Born to Write: The Remarkable Lives of Six Famous Authors by Charis Cotter

Follow That Map! A First Book of Mapping Skills by Scot Ritchie

A Thousand Years of Pirates by William Gilkerson

Whispers from the Ghettos by Kathy Kacer

Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction for Young People

Bitter, Sweet by Laura Best

Crusade by John Wilson

Haunted by Barbara Haworth-Attard

Vanishing Girl by Shane Peacock

Watching Jimmy by Nancy Hartry

To examine any book more closely at Amazon, please click on image of book.