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Countdown to 2011: My #4 Post, Top 100 Young Adult Books for 2010

Countdown of My Top Posts

Top 100: Young Adult Books for 2010 (ages 12-18), 798 page views

I track Top 10 and Top 100 lists that other people create on their blogs.  Usually, the lists don’t pertain to what I am interested in but every now and again, I find an awesome list of books.  But while the list of books is great, typically there are no images for each book.  I really like to see the image of the book because it helps me to find the books at the bookstore or library.  Plus, I like to link the books on my book lists to Amazon as there is more information on the book there including the feature to browse through a few pages.  And Amazon typically has the best prices. Read more…

Countdown to 2011: My #5 Post; Caldecott/Newbery 2011 Potential Winners

Countdown of My Top Posts

Caldecott/Newbery 2011 Potential Winners (from School Library Journal Blog), 754 page views

It’s funny how every popular post of mine has a crazy back story and this post is no different.  I had discovered — new to me ’cause I’ve been living under a rock for years — this awesome site, School Library Journal (yes, I seriously need to get out more often!).  I also had been tracking key words through Google Alerts and one of the words is “Newbery.”   So  School Library Journal posts this awesome post predicting the possible short list for the 2011 Caldecott and Newbery awards and I lift the post — yes, folks — just copied and pasted it right into my blog. (Sometimes this is easy to do in one fell swoop and sometimes it’s a painful mess where each paragraph has to be copied and pasted separately.) Read more…

Countdown to 2011: My #6 Post, Top 10 Starting School Books for K/Preschool

Countdown of My Top Posts

Top 10 Starting School Books:  Kindergarten and Preschool, 718 page views

The story here is that I wasn’t really getting a lot of comments, particularly during the first 3/4 of the year so every comment that came in was treasured though I was too naive to realize that I was supposed to comment back.  A preschool director by the name of Kimberly Schaefer in Las Vegas emailed me after seeing one of my posts and asked for suggestions of books for preschoolers starting school.  I was shocked for several reasons: Read more…

Countdown to 2011: My #7 Post, Chewy Jewelry for Orally Fixated Kids…

Countdown of My Top Posts

Chewy Jewelry for Orally Fixated Kids from Kids Companion, 703 page views.

This also has a funny back story.  I can across this Chewy Necklace on Twitter and the company founders were kind enough to send me one.  It’s meant for special needs children who are fidgety, but I thought my oldest, who chews her nails down to the bone, would like it and maybe it would help her stop destroying her nails.  My kids fought over the necklace but my oldest won out — it was for her anyway! Read more…

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Countdown to 2011: My #8 Post, RECALL: Corned Beef…

Countdown of My Top Posts

Recall:  Corned Beef (Libby, Kroger), Brushy Creek Shredded Beef and Corned Beef, 699 page views.

This has a funny back story.  I posted on recalls for most the year thinking that it would make it easier for moms to know about serious and dangerous recalls.  I’ve since stopped posting on them, but will give links to recalls through my Twitter and Facebook accounts (please use links on right hand column if you’d like to get updates that way).  So, this recall came around and I posted on it, same as normal. Read more…

Countdown to 2011: My #9 Post, Cricket in Times Square: Book Club Activities

Countdown of My Top Posts

Cricket in Time Square:  Bok Club Activities for 2nd-4th Grade, 665 page views.

It’s true that my middle child is a high need child and she came screaming into the world this way. She has some senses that are extra sensitive:  smell, tactile and that je ne sais quoi of honing in on really great authors.  She’s an enthusiastic but picky reader in that she reads narrow but deep.  Her favorite authors include:  Cynthia Rylant (Gooseberry Park, Cobble Street Cousins series),  Sophie Blackall (Ivy and Bean series),  Sara Pennypacker (Clementine series), Garth Williams (just Cricket in Times Square), Sydney Taylor (All-of-a-Kind family series), and Roald Dahl (The B.F.G, Danny, the Champion of the World, and The B.F. G.)  Do you sense a pattern here?! Read more…

Top 10 Posts of the Year Pragmatic Mom PragmaticMom #10

Countdown to 2011: My #10 Post, Teach Kids Months of the Year with Easy Rhyme

Countdown of My Top Posts

#10 Post of the Year:  Teach Kids Months of the Year with Easy Rhyme, 603 page views.

I found this in my 2nd grader’s classroom.  Everyone knows the days of the week song (There are 7 days, There are 7 days, there are seeveen days in a week … Sunday, Monday; Tuesday,  Wednesday; Thursday, Friday; Saturday), but I do remember that it was challenging for my kids to learn the months of year, particularly in a foreign language.  However, I never guessed that this post would be so popular. Read more…

Countdown to 2011: My Top 10 Posts of 2010

Countdown of My Top Posts

As the year winds down, I wanted to repost my Top 10: Posts of the Year which I have selected on the basis of number of page views.  I will resume my weekly features starting the first of the new year:

Monday:  Caught in the Act … of READING! (And thank you to everyone who has sent me photos.  Yes, I still need more photos! Always!!!) Read more…

Kids Caught in the Act … of READING

Getting Kids Reading

Thank you for sending in photos GeekMomMama and the Boys, and There’s a Book.  I can’t do this weekly Monday feature with your help, so please keep the photos coming.  My email address is Read more…