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Kids Caught in the Act … of READING

Raising a Reader

Thank you again for contributing photos to this weekly Monday feature, Caught in the Act … of Reading.  Thank you also to multiple photo contributors, Mama C and the Boys, and parents of Issie and Lucie.  It’s really fun to see your children loving to read as well as making steady progress! And please take a minute to view the video of older sister Riley reading to her little brother. Blue Hat, Green Hat has never been more fun and how exciting that Riley can read to her brother and does it so nicely!  I have to bribe my daughters to read to their little brother; they view it as a chore! Read more…

Little Bear Second Hand Saturday Easy Reader Pragmatic Mom

Second Hand Saturday: Little Bear Collection & The Monkey King’s Daughter

Free Books for Kids

Here’s how my Second Hand Saturday winner selection works.  You leave a comment within 7 days when the post first goes up (you have from Sat until Sat, so really 8 days because I am not that on top of it).  You tell me WHAT BOOK YOU WANT and WHY YOU WANT IT.  Whoever makes a compelling argument will win because I am all about getting the right book into the right hands.  If no one wants the books, I’ll tweet like mad until someone comments.  My Twitter handle is @PragmaticMom.  If you follow me, I’ll follow you back. Read more…

T2Love long sleeve swing tee pragmatic mom friday find

T2Love Tees for Girls Who Must Have Really Soft Tees

Tactile Kids Who Need Soft Tees

My middle daughter has very sensitive senses.  True story:  when she was an infant she never slept though a single meal even if she was just fed, rocked to sleep by the car ride, and fast asleep at the restaurant when the food came.  The minute she smelled the food, her eyes would pop open. She also insists on wearing very soft clothes but this is just a [strong] preference, it’s not like she can’t wear say, a cotton polyester itchy tee that you as assigned to wear for your soccer game. Read more…

Gone Michael Grant best children's book pragmatic mom sheffield children's book award

Children’s Book Award Winners

Best Books for Kids: O’Dell, Costa, Sheffield & more…

Historical Fiction, Scott O’Dell Winner 2011, One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia Read more…

Caught in the Act … of READING

Raising a Reader and How to Get Kids to Read

Thank you to everyone who sent in photos of kids Caught in the Act … of READING.  If you would like go send me a photo, please email me at (at) gmail (dot) com.  I definitely need more photos.  This week, it’s been fun to see some of these kids caught in the act of reading again and again!  In other photos, older siblings are reading with their younger siblings which is so nice and rarely  happens in my house but when it does, it’s a moment in time that I want to freeze and keep forever. What are your kids reading and can you catch them in the act of reading?! Read more…

best books for kids for Martin Luther King Day

Best Children’s Books on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Celebrating MLK Day with Children’s Books

My youngest, who was then just 3 and in preschool, came home one day talking about an upcoming holiday celebrating a king.  “Elvis?”, we wondered.  “There is no king in the United States!” we said.  Still, he insisted so we continued to probe.  “It’s his birthday,” my son said, “so I don’t go back to school for three sleep and wake ups.”  Oh!!!  We suddenly understood:  he was talking about Martin Luther King, Jr.!! Read more…

best easy reader, mr. putter and tabby write the book, pragmatic mom

FREE Books for Kids

Children’s Book Giveaway

I am attempting to join the Second Hand Saturday Mr. Linky group even though it might be for Young Adult and Teen readers.  I hope they don’t mind.  Sometimes these little technical issues really kick my butt and I get very frustrated trying to figure it out.  So, let’s pretend that it works, even if it doesn’t. And if  I don’t actually pull off Mr. Linky, then who cares, I’ll still keep doing this and mailing out the books. Read more…

Amy Chua Why Chinese Mothers are Superior Pragmatic Mom

Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior: My Take 2

Asian American Moms Don’t Agree with Amy Chua

My, oh my, has this article become incendiary.  Could it be that excerpts from Amy Chua’s book were taken out of context?! Or is she just a nut case?  I wanted to share some more interesting articles rebutting this article to shed some light on this controversy. Read more…

Art and Max, best picture book of 2010, Caldecott potential winner, David Weisner, Pragmatic Mom, best books of 2010

Top 10 Best Children’s Books: My Kids’ Favorites of 2010

Our Favorite Children’s Books of 2010

Oh, how the year flies by.  My favorite parenting quote from a Mom Friend:  the days are long but the years are short.  I know that I should have posted this around the first of the year, even New Year’s Eve but I am not that together.  But as I look back on the year and think about all the books my kids and I read together, it brings back warm, fuzzy memories of snuggling, laughing, and just enjoying a shared experience that loving the same book brings.  So I asked my kids to each give me their three favorite books from last year and then I added a few more of my own, though I have to say that I loved their picks as much as they did.  I hope you enjoy these books, should you need book recs, as much as we did! Read more…