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What Are Your Kids Reading This Summer? Win Prizes by Sharing!

Summer Reading for Kids to Win Prizes

When BlogFrog asked me if I wanted to get involved with Children’s Book-of-the-Month Club promoting their kids’ Summer Reading Series campaign, it was a no brainer. I love this stuff! Summer reading lists? That is  right up my alley. What is even better is that my readers will get a chance to win prizes just for sharing what their kids will be reading this summer. I’m interested in knowing. Sharing this info is a great way to discover new great books. Just like the Children’s Book-of-the-Month Club! Read more…

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Top 10: Best Middle Eastern American Children’s Books

Best Multicultural Books for Kids on the Middle East

In honor of Ramadan, I wanted to offer a book list to help bridge an understanding between Muslins and people of other faiths. It’s actually taken me more than a year to assemble this book list as I am not familiar with this topic. I hope that you will share your favorite books and I will add to this list.

Read more…

How To: Save Money on Back to School Shopping

Back to School Savings

It was fortunate that today I met with Capability:Mom for a few minutes before our client meeting. We do social media consulting together and we are having so much fun that it hardly feels like work. I told her I needed some back  to school shopping savings ideas and she rattled of a ton of great ones so fast I could barely keep up. She likes CouponMom whose blog has now become a small enterprise with 14 staff members! I know that she also researched backpacks extensively last summer. Read more…

Harvard Widener Library PragmaticMom Pragmatic Mom

15 Most Famous College Libraries in the World (from Associated Degree)

Best College Libraries World-Wide

When I was a student at Harvard, I was unhappily studying as a premed and so tried to avoid studying as much as possible. One reliable method was to go to a library and take a nap. This worked pretty well except sometimes I snored. Finding the right library became a past time my boyfriend and I enjoyed as a procrastination technique. We knew there were a zillion libraries on campus — 90 is what Wikipedia says — and we’d hunt down a different library every day. Read more…

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How To: Apply Early Decision To Get Into College

How to Get into College through Early Decision

My niece did not get into her top choice college this past year.  It was a little devastating for everyone in our extended family because she was the kid who read, and very well at that, at age 3.  Instead, she is attending her safety school.  Thank god for the safety  school!  It turns out that the safety school is a state school so it’s well priced, but it doesn’t get her out of Ohio, where much effort and money was spent in touring her around Harvard and sending her to fancy boarding camps at both Wellesley College and Yale. Read more…

Teens and Summer Eating Healthy Snacking and Meals PragmaticMom Jocelyn Anne pragmatic Mom

Summer Eating with Your Teen

Eating Healthy for Teens

Please welcome my guest author Jocelyn Anne! She has great tips on healthy eating for Teens and really, families with kids of any age. I find that I need constant reminders to keep my house full of the good stuff. It’s an ongoing battle especially if my kids accompany me to the grocery store. Thanks Jocelyn Anne! It’s great to take advantage of the bounty of summer too! Read more…

“Good Kids, Bad Habits: The Real Age Guide to Raising Healthy Children,, Pragmatic Mom, Dr. Trachtenberg

Tween/Teen Parenting: 5 Things To Ask The Pediatrician

Parenting Teens: What to Ask the Pediatrician

I got an email from Dr. Trachtenberg’s publicist with this information.  At first I was skeptical … what are they sending me?!  But then I read it very carefully and it’s great information.  So, thank you Dr. Trachtenberg! Read more…

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Gadget to Keep Kids From Falling Out Windows

Window Safety Gadget

Thank goodness the heat wave has passed here in New England. With a heat index of over 110 degrees this past week, the heat was unbearable and the air stifling. It seems we New Englanders always have our windows closed between the bitter cold and the sweltering heat. Finally, some respite this week. I have kept the windows open throughout the house today to air it out and that reminded me of the nice people at Andersen Windows who offered to do a giveaway for a window gadget that keeps kids from falling out and hurting themselves. Read more…

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Top 10: Best South Asian American Children’s Books (ages 2-14)

I don’t know a lot about Southeast Asian American children’s literature so this was fun list to research and it was fun to hunt down books I had heard about but haven’t read in a while as well as discover a few really great authors that are new to me. I asked a Mom Friend at a birthday party — we were both waiting in the car for 2+ hours while our kids jumped on gigantic trampolines — since she’s East Asian what East Asian KidLit was in her bookshelves. She said there wasn’t a lot available and it’s true. These books are fantastic but under the radar. It turns out that she’s an expert on immigration particularly refugee immigration to the United States. I only knew her as my child’s friend’s mother/room parent for 3rd grade. Read more…