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Yoga Demystified

Different Styles of Yoga Explained

I started Vinyasa yoga about three years ago with my friend, Yoga Mom,  from my first preschool.  It’s definitely intimidating to walk into a yoga class as a newbie without a friend!  She went on to become a yoga teacher and I now take her classes but when she takes a break, I go to this other yoga studio that I love and it is here that I met Om Gal (a.k.a. Rebecca).   She was a substitute for a class whose usual instructor was also one of Yoga Mom’s mentors.  Small world! Read more…

New Easier CPR Method: Continuous Chest Compression

What is Continuous Chest Compression CPR?

My husband sent me this information that he got from my mom on a new and easier-but-still-effective CPR method.  We usually get a babysitter once a year and take an infant CPR class together at our Children’s Hospital.  Since our kids have stopped putting choking hazards  in their mouths, we haven’t taken a class in a few years (ok, maybe closer to 6 years).

This technique for CPR is simple and easy (no mouth to mouth or clearing of airway for example).  It’s a technique that is especially effective for saving an adult who is having cardiac arrest.  It’s worth the 5 minutes to view it on YouTube and you won’t need a babysitter to learn this! Read more…

Caught in the act of reading PragmaticMom

Caught in the Act … of READING!

Kids Caught in the Act of Reading!

Yikes!! I am almost out of photos! Thank you to friends and readers for submitting the photos for this week’s Caught in the Act … of READING! Please send more! It’s great to see kids enjoying reading at home or out and about. Read more…

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Online Education: A Big Disruptor in Education?

Will Online Education Change Higher Ed Forever?

I wrestle with my son daily to keep him off screens. This morning as he was getting changed for day camp, he played a game on his DSi while pulling on his pants. At breakfast hurriedly eating toast, he also managed to simultaneously watch 10 minutes of an old Power Rangers show on the iMac using either Hulu or YouTube. After we drop off his sisters at their bus pick up, we have 30 minutes to kill before his drop off. He uses my iPhone to pass the time and he’s not playing educational math games unless I yell at him. Read more…

How To: Organize by Creating a “Home Bible” Directory

Getting Organized with a Home Bible Directory

My friend, Aloha Mom, asked me to write about organization, particularly on how to make things easier for working moms.  That was about 6 months ago, so clearly I am not that organized.  But during the last two weeks, I have been ticking off those things on my personal “To Do” list like annual medical appointments and other yearly pain-in-the-neck errands that I realized the value of the “Home Bible” I created a few years ago for myself. Read more…

A Workbook for Dyslexics

Workbook to Help Kids with Dyslexia

I came across this and wanted to share it.  The url is: Read more…

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Best Beauty and Skin Care Products from Into The Gloss

Best Beauty Products Fashion Insiders Rave About

I find that now that I am of a certain age (ahem … mid forties), I am experimenting with serums, night creams and the like and also, in general, trying to take better care of my skin. It’s overwhelming, however, to figure out what the best products are for me. Read more…

Summer Math Slide? Time to Take Action!

 Math Milestones of Concepts that Build

These are the areas that milestones for kids to master.

a)  Math Facts for 4th Graders – Difficulty in understanding division leads to challenges with understanding factors and fractions, key to middle school math.  Weakness if these areas result in the student not getting most algebra concepts. Read more…

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What Are Your Kids Reading This Summer? Win Prizes by Sharing!

Summer Reading for Kids to Win Prizes

When BlogFrog asked me if I wanted to get involved with Children’s Book-of-the-Month Club promoting their kids’ Summer Reading Series campaign, it was a no brainer. I love this stuff! Summer reading lists? That is  right up my alley. What is even better is that my readers will get a chance to win prizes just for sharing what their kids will be reading this summer. I’m interested in knowing. Sharing this info is a great way to discover new great books. Just like the Children’s Book-of-the-Month Club! Read more…