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The Gift of Sleep with Zeo! and Enter to Win!

Helping Insomniacs Sleep with Zeo

A friend of a friend works at Zeo and they are based where I live, so I wanted to learn more about this sleep management tracking device. It turns out that I have many friends who despite (or because) of hectic schedules, find it difficult to unwind and go to sleep. Read more…

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Boys Not Better at Math and Science

Are Boys Better at Math? One word: NO!

It is nice to know that these commonly held beliefs are just myths, now debunked by research:

 Myth #1A child is either right-brained or left-brained.

• Myth #2: Girls are better at reading, boys at math and science.

• Myth #3: People can’t learn a new language after a certain critical period. Read more…

How British People Greet You at airport viral video funny PragmaticMom

Musical Airport Surprise Performance … Just Watch and Enjoy!

Public Musical Surprise Performances

You have to watch this viral video. Not to spoil the surprise or anything, but it’s a surprise and it involves singing and airport arrival gates. Sneak in a little three minute break to watch and enjoy. It will keep you smiling for the rest of the day. Read more…

Time flying by, parenting quote poem

A Lovely Poem About Time (flying by) and Children. Parents will appreciate!

Poem for Parents

This lovely poem is from the Slimy Bookworm blog: Read more…

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A Gift for Management Types. Management Tips: From Harvard Business Review

Stocking Stuffer for Parents in Management

This vibrant orange book is the size of a small notepad but it consists of 50 one page tips for managers, broken into three sections: managing yourself, managing your team, and managing your business. My Dad Friend Josh gave me my copy and I think he’s the brains behind this little-just-begging-to-be-a-stocking-stuffer fun, little book. Read more…

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Top 10: YA & Middle Grade Novels in Verse

Best Novels in Verse for Kids and Teens

I found another great Novel in Verse from a great author blog, Caroline By Line, and it’s her actual book. It got a great review in Horn Book Review! May B by Caroline Starr Rose.

Read more…

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The Hunger Games Movie is Coming in March … Here’s the Trailer!

Hunger Games Movie Trailer

I first learned about The Hunger Games trailer from The Brain Lair and sent it to my daughter who has read the series 3 times. She loved it. Then my husband found the first book in the bathroom and read it. He loved it and read the whole series. And then he found the trailer and showed it to me. So, sharing is caring: Read more…

Top Gifts for children with autism PragmaticMom Pragmatic Mom

Gift Ideas for Children with Autism

Best Gifts for Kids with Autism

With autism affecting one in 110 children, more and more families are facing the question of what presents to buy and what holiday activities to plan for children with autism, who are often sensitive to over stimulation. MyAutismTeam, the recently launched social network for parents of children with autism, asked their nearly 14,000 parent members for their recommendations.  Read more…

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Soccer Without Borders: Help Girls in Third World Countries Play Soccer

Help Girls in 3rd World Countries Play Soccer

Soccer without Borders is an organization that Senior Boston College soccer player, Julia Bouchelle,  has introduced to our family.  Julia’s sister, Zoey Bouchelle, is  an All-American soccer player at Penn State and spent an eight month internship helping girls through Soccer Without Borders  video (attached). Read more…