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Yoga for Kids

DIY Yoga for Kids to Try at Home

I met Bea more than ten years ago when both of our oldest children were at the same preschool. Our girls weren’t even in the same class but we both had sleeping toddler girls in strollers that first painful week when we were required to wait for hours on a different floor just in case our preschoolers freaked out. At least, that is my version of the school policy. Read more…

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Cool Tech For Moms from CES

Best Tech Gadgets for Moms

I read a newsletter called Engaged Moms and this was the report back from the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES), a playground/trade show for techy types. Stephanie Azzarone reports back on cool tech for mom and indeed, this stuff is cool! Makes me wish I still needed a stroller. Anyway, I was thinking this might be right in time for Valentine’s gift for mom — thoughtful, high techy, practical and useful (and so much better than a vacuum or blender!). Read more…

Hosting Game Day Party: It’s All About the Food!

Game Day Party Menu Ideas

Are you hosting a big sports game day party? It’s a daunting task, especially if you invite multiple families but I think the secret to a stress free and successful party is all about the food! There is no shame is using pre-prepared food and if you are feeding both kids and adults, I find it easier to make separate food for each group. There’s nothing worse than a kid whispering loudly to his mom that “there’s nothing here that I like to eat and I’m HUNGRY!” Tyson Any’tizers will keep the kids happy and adults might sneak a few themselves. Cut up fruit for a fruit salad and you are all set for the younger crowd.

Read more…

Noah Zarc, Mammoth Trouble,

Percy Jackson Fan? Try Noah Zarc

Time Travel Adventure Books for Middle School

 Time can’t exist without space, and space can’t exist without time. The two exist as one: the space-time continuum.

Any event that occurs in the universe has to involve both space and time.

If you could travel on a beam of light,  time slows down and distances tend to shorten, particularly if you are near a massive object like a sun or planet.

I honestly didn’t expect to like this action adventure thriller as much as I did. True, I LOVE Percy Jackson and the Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan but  it is because of the mythology mixed in that makes me pre-order the books before they come out. Read more…

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Real Pippi Longstocking Meets Caddie Woodlawn

Beryl Markham is Real Life Pippi Longstocking

What if the characters in a chapter book are …

The Daughter:

1/3 Pippi Longstocking

1/3 Caddie Woodlawn (minus mom and siblings)

1/3 Amelia Earhart/Elizabeth Cady Stanton/Fearless Women in History. Read more…

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Chapter Books for 2nd Grade through 8th Grade

Best Chapter Books for 2nd Grade to 8th Grade

Please welcome Tanya who writes a fantastic children’s literature book blog  called Books4YourKids.  I am always struck by her great taste in books and now, after reading her list, I am itching to get my hands on these chapter books including Vanished. This is the third time it’s hit my radar. Read more…

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Best Books for Middle Schoolers: From Our Wonderful Middle School Librarian!

Best Books for Middle School Kids

My oldest daughter is lucky in that she has the best Middle School librarian who really cares about finding books that make kids excited to read. He posted this list on our school eNewsletter which is how I found it. I think that by Middle School, students pretty have a good sense of the types of chapter books that they like to read so his list, by genre, is particularly helpful. His list includes: Adventure/Mystery, Realistic Fiction, Humorous, Historical Fiction, Graphic Novels, Fantasy, Horror/Supernatural, Science Fiction, Biographies/Non-Fiction, and Poetry. There is something for any tween or teen on his list! Read more…

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Maple Sugaring Adventures!

Maple Sugaring in Massachusetts

I can’t believe that I’ve never taken the kids maple sugaring! And they really want to go so I researched places near and far in Massachusetts to make it happen this year! Right now I am leaning towards The Warren Farm.   Read more…

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Plan Family Activities with Car Insurance Savings

Save Money on Car Insurance and Reward Your Family

When buying a new car, finding affordable car insurance isn’t always a priority. Drivers often get caught up in the excitement of a new vehicle, not realizing that comparing several automobile insurance quotes can save just as much money over time as comparing several vehicle quotes before choosing the best price. Shopping around for car insurance when buying a new car can free up money every month to be spent on other vehicle expenses or fun family activities. Here are just a few ways to take advantage of the money you save after shopping around for car insurance. Read more…