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Why A Sponsored Video for the American Cancer Society?

The Fight Against Cancer Continues

Because my aunt died of cancer too young. And my mother had breast cancer. And my childhood friend had cancer too. And my neighbor had it twice. And my real estate agent is a survivor. And my daughter friend’s brother had it as a child. And I’m sure there is more. Read more…

social media balance,

Balancing Social Media To Actually Get Things Done

Balancing The Demands of Social Media for Bloggers

Question: What is more demanding? Your kids or your social media to do list? Please comment! Read more…

Wonder, R J Palacio, chapter book on special needs, chapter book that teaches compassion

Summer Reading List: New Books for Kids and Book Reviews for B&N

Summer Reading List for Kids

I am really excited! I am on a “try out” (much like my girls’ stressful soccer tryouts) to write children’s book reviews for my favorite bookstore, Barnes and Noble! Our missions are aligned, we both want to get kids reading this summer and — dare I say it — even excited to read! B&N (’cause now we’re on a shortened name basis) is just starting to pull together reviews for KidLit (think iTunes genius suggestions) and they will need a steady supply of *good* reviews to match the books customers buy on their Nooks. Read more…

Karen Bergreen, Perfect is Overrated

Karen Bergreen’s Latest Funny Novel for Moms

Perfect Funny Novel for Moms’ Book Club

Please welcome my guest author, friend from college, and comedian Karen Bergreen. I have other posts on her here and here.

Comedian, author, stressed-out mom Read more…

Water Games for Kids to Play to Stay Cool with Educational Twist

Water Games for Kids That Teach

Summer days are perfect for outdoor water play with activities, games and equipment for kids of all ages. For extra challenge, I tried to think of an educational twist for each game. Granted, I would likely never pull it off. My kids would mount a mutiny but a mom can dream! Read more…

Week 5: Summer Math for Incoming 2nd Grade

Math Games for Kids

My elementary school also give some great and fun and educational board games and card games that support math learning. Make one night a week a family game night and try any of these games. Read more…

Dr. Madeleine Krauss

Melanoma Skin Cancer: Dear 16-Year-Old Me

How to Prevent Skin Cancer

I want to thank my dermatologist and Mom Friend, Dr. Madeleine Krauss of Krauss Dermatology, for giving me stern and consistent warnings on the importance of wearing SPF 30 sunscreen and a hat daily. I think about her on those days when I thought I’d be outside at school pickup for 5 minutes but end up at the playground for an hour without sunscreen on. Those are the days I hope I don’t run into her but that is just my guilty conscience talking. Read more…

The Boy Who Changed the World

Book Club for Boys: The Boy Who Changed the World

Book Clubs For Boys

My son had a great little boy book club based on this advanced historical fiction book that my Mom Friend Ann hosted. This advanced picture book reads like a zen koan and it took us several times though to get the gist of it but once we did, we were entranced. I had no idea that somehow George Washington Carver was somehow a pivotal person responsible for saving billions of lives through the creation of super seeds that yield more food. Read more…

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Top 10: Newbery-ish Small Town Quirky Chapter Books (ages 8-14)

4th Grade and 5th Grade Chapter Books

Is there something about small towns in America that has a special place in the hearts of the Newbery judges? Or is it the people who live there are somehow more quirky, more worthy of nuanced layers of personality ranging from slightly deranged to just plain weird? Are murder and violence somehow easier in a small town? I doubt that. Perhaps it’s easier when resentments simmer for decades or even generations. Read more…