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Week 8: Rising 2nd Grade Summer Math Problems

Rising 2nd Grade Summer Math

Many people have asked for summer math problems for other grades. My school has helpfully provided this summer curriculum for rising 2nd grade but for other grades, there isn’t a daily math problem curriculum (yet). Instead, my school has these great math games for other grades. Read more…

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2012 Olympic Commercials Celebrate Moms

Best Olympics Commercials

This is to the moms of any child who ever aspired to make an Olympics team. To nurture a child into even hoping to make the Olympics is a gift in itself. I can’t even imagine the commitment and sacrifices an entire family makes to train a would-be Olympic athlete but I suspect family vacations are timed and planned around sporting events, and there is a lot of driving to places neither close by nor convenient. Read more…

Getting Kids Ready for Kindergarten

Getting Ready for Kindergarten or Preschool

I have some posts to help with this transition getting your child ready from pre-Kindergarten to Kindergarten. Read more…

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A Five-Ring Kids’ Olympic Party!

Olympics Birthday Party for Kids

My Mom Friend Nathalie is my guest author with ideas on how to throw a great Olympics party for kids. Use these ideas for a birthday party, a half-birthday party, or just as a way to experience the Olympics as a great play date! Read more…

Growing Your Own Garden of Bloggy Friends

How to Grow Your Blog Audience

I started blogging three years ago and it’s been a journey of learning so intense it’s like drinking from a fire hydrant. There was so much to learn, from technical skills since I have none, to social media which was completely new to me, to sharpening my writing skills to build a community of readers. Read more…

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Math Games For Kids Inspired by Olympics

Using Olympics to Teach Math

The London Games are just days away, but you don’t have to travel across the pond to take part in the Olympics fun!  Laura Overdeck, mother of three and founder of the Bedtime Math national online community, says parents can enjoy math with their kids while watching the Olympics together. Math is the key to ‘faster, higher, stronger’: the scores, times, and distances all involve numbers to mark the winner. Read more…

Kids Caught in the Act … of READING THIS SUMMER!

Best Books for Kids!

It’s so great to see kids caught in the act of reading this summer and I’ve tried to identify which books they are reading because if these are books kids will actually Drop Everything And Read books. Read more…

Week 7: Rising 2nd Grade Summer Math Problems

Rising 2nd Grade Summer Math

More great picture books with math concepts.

p.s. The other weeks are here: Week 1, Week 2Week 3Week 4, Week 5, Week 6. Read more…

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Learning to See Art Books for Your Budding Artist

Drawing Books for Kids and Adults

My oldest, Grasshopper and Sensei (her latest art blog), is an artist so I asked her to review this series for me which was probably a bad move because she was slow and kept losing track of the books so this review took a very, very long time. And, after bugging her repeatedly, she crankily replied that she didn’t like this art series at all. Read more…