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Gifts for Mother in Laws (Day 4), 12 Days of Shopping

Gift Ideas for Mother-in-Law (MIL) and Father-in-Law (FIL)

My mother-in-law, like my own mother, is easy to shop for because they are both became artists after they retired and are quite talented and even selling their work and/or getting commissions! Gifting around a hobby is always an easy option but … what if your in laws don’t have hobbies that lend themselves to gifts?  Read more…

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Personalized Gifts (Day 3), 12 Days of Shopping

Personalized Gifts for Teachers, Friends, and Relatives

My favorite small indulgence is a beautiful personalized return address stamper that has lasted for years from Fine Stationary. It’s the star of my Personalized Gifts from last year and when I gifted it to teachers, they also really appreciated it.

Kids’ art also makes a great personalized gifts for grandparents when you turn it into pendants, cuff links, dish towels and coasters!

I like the idea of personalized gifts but you do have to plan ahead since it can take a few weeks to receive.

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Kids Make Gift (Day 2), 12 Days of Shopping

Kids Make Gift Ideas

My idea for kids making gifts for parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles is clove fruit — clove apples, clove oranges, clove clementines, clove kumquats,  and clove lady apples. We tackled this craft project last year and found that it wasn’t too difficult though it takes longer than you’d think. This year we will try smaller fruit like lady apples and kumquats! Keep in mind too that you don’t have to cover the fruit entirely in cloves and it will still smell nice and look pretty. Read more…

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Make Gift: Granola (Day 1), 12 Days of Shopping

Homemade Granola for Neighbors & Teachers

Capability:Mom and I are teaming up for the third year to update our 12 Days of Shopping series meant to help you during your holiday shopping. We put our heads together to think of everyone we need to buy or make a gift for and then researched and wracked our brains to come up with gift ideas.

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Gift Ideas for Everyone: 12 Days of Shopping

Holiday Gift Ideas: 12 Days of Ideas for Everyone On Your List

Capability:Mom and I are on our third year of the joint posting on the 12 Days of Shopping. Starting tomorrow, we will be co-posting on a variety of gift ideas for everyone on our list. She takes one category and I take the other: Read more…

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25 CHRISTmaths True/False Questions for Kids

A Christmas Math-y Advent Calendar for Kids

My Pinterest friend MathPlus from Singapore came up with this fun true/false question count down to Christmas. Think of this as a math-y Advent calendar. The answers are below.  Read more…

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Gift Guide: Book Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Book Gift List for Kids, Moms and Dads

Shopping for books as gifts is my very favorite holiday errand. In years past, I just gifted small piles of books to everyone on my list. My favorite is to match up a picture book for an adult — it works great as teacher and principal gifts!

How about you? Do you give a lot of books as holiday gifts?  Read more…

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Dad Book Teaches Kids Handy Skills: 3 Signed BOOK GIVEAWAY!

The Dad Checklist: To Teach Your Kids Practical Skills

Before my neighbor Jeff renovated his house, I used to see him outside in his breezeway working with saw horses and power tools. I think he was crafting fine furniture which is an unusual skill for a Harvard man (though there is a deluxe and highly underutilized wood shop in the basement of the Science Center at Harvard). Now that the renovations are complete, I am fairly confident he could tackle everything from installing kitchen sinks to laying hardwood floor. Read more…

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Physics of Roller Coasters for Kids

Roller Coaster Physics for Kids is Fun!

I wish I had been introduced to physics at a young age in a way that made it fun. I learned physics, painfully, in high school and struggled through pre-med physics in college. I never got an intuitive sense of physics and my impression was that it was a formula to be memorized and calculated. Read more…