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Meeting Grace Lin at Book Club for Kids Event

Grace Lin Book Club for Kids

Do you remember that Manic Sunday I had in order to get five 5th grade girls including PickyKidPix to a book club for kids event? Well, it was well worth it! Grace Lin was so much fun to meet!

We arrived a half hour early to this amazing spread!

Grace Lin author visit, Grace Lin,

Beautiful centerpieces celebrating Asian culture at Grace Lin book club for kids sponsored by The Foundation for Children’s Books (FCB) in Newton, MA. They brings authors like Grace Lin to present at underserved schools in Boston.

Grace Lin book club event for kids, meeting Grace Lin, Starry River of the Sky author visit by Grace Lin

Grace Lin with baby and husband talk to kids about what inspires her and how she writes and illustrates her wonderful multi-cultural books for kids. East of the Sun and West of the Moon was the book that most influenced her for Where the Mountain Meets the Moon and Starry River of the Sky. Read more…

Abstract art project for kids, Arthur Dove, crayon abstract art project for kids

Arthur Dove Abstract Art Project for Kids

Abstract Art by Kids inspired by Arthur Dove

The art of Arthur Dove (August 2, 1880 – November 23, 1946) at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston is child-like, is it not? Ok, maybe a really talented child. He is considered the first American abstract painter. The girls and I found him on the third floor of the new American wing’s Modernist collection. We hunt down PickyKidPix‘s favorite artist, Jackson Pollock, whose No. 10, 1949 hangs there too.

Jackson Pollack, Number 9, Museum of Fine Arts,

Modernist Artist Arthur Dove (a little art history)

This is the painting that caught my eye. With just simple shapes and a few colors, Dove conveys a nature scene. I love the colors and its simplicity.

Evening Blue, 1941. In this lyrical composition, Dove solidified moonlight into distinct planes and geometric shapes. The deep cobalt tones evoke the color of the night sky. Museum of Fine Arts Plate

Arthur Dove abstract art project for kids, Arthur Dove abstract art project for children, Arthur Dove abstract art project for preschoolRead more…

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2nd Grade Math Facts: Free Site

2nd Grade Math Facts: Addition and Subtraction

I thought my son was pretty good at his addition and subtraction math facts. We had used math fact triangles as part of his math homework, and he plays math apps (when forced between no screen time and math app screen time). We worked on math all summer with Rising 2nd Grade Daily Math Problems assigned by his school.

His teacher was excited to introduce a free program called XtraMath. It tracks what problems your child gets correct and serves up the facts you need to work on. You need to get the facts correct within 3 seconds per problem to pass. It turns out that he had more to learn in order to get his math facts 100% correct within 3 seconds per problem. We never limited the time before and that made a huge difference. Read more…

Fabulous Flying Females: Women Aviators Books for Kids

Fabulous Flying Females: Women Aviators Books for Kids

I love a mighty girl character or real life role model for my girls. These girls all dared to fly at a time when flying was a great adventure. What makes girls daring enough to say “What If … Women Were Aviators?” And how can we encourage this? I’ve picked three books to explore this idea … a picture book, easy chapter book biography, and historical fiction middle grade chapter book. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Fabulous Flying Females: Women Aviators Books for Kids

Picture Book for Girls  Who Ask “What If?”

Bessie, Queen of the Sky by Andrea Doshi and Jimena Duran, illustrated by Chiara Fabbri

To become the first black woman pilot, Elizabeth “Bessie” Coleman had to learn French to attend pilot school in Paris because it was the only flight school that would accept girls. She received her pilot’s license at age 29 and lived from January 26, 1892 to April 30, 1926. This beautifully illustrated picture book of Bessie Coleman will inspire readers that anything is possible if you don’t give up. [picture book, ages 4 and up]

Zephyr Takes Flight by Steve Light

Zephyr, a little girl, loves airplanes. She makes them, plays with them and hopes to fly one day. But no one in her family wants to play airplane with her. When she has a spectacular crash, she is sent to her room … where she finds ways to fly! A girl version of Where The Wild Things Are! [picture book, ages 4 and up] Read more…

YA graphic novels, Young Adult graphic novels, graphic novels for young adults, graphic novels for teens, gritty graphic novels for kids

ABCs of Graphic Novels, U through Z

Graphic Novels from A to Z

Many teachers are turning to comic books as a tool to develop reading skills as well as a deeper love for reading. 

Authentic Education

This final collection has some Young Adult (YA) graphic novels that are not Manga (I didn’t cover Manga simply because I haven’t read any. My son is not old enough yet). From gritty to fantasy, YA graphic novels cover the gamut.

Thank you for reading my collection of posts covering the ABCs of graphic novels. You must love graphic novels too!

Day 1ABCs of Graphic Novels, A-E

Day 2ABCs of Graphic Novels, F-J

Day 3ABCs of Graphic Novels, K-O

Day 4ABCs of Graphic Novels: P-T

Day 5ABCs of Graphic Novels: U-Z


U is for Underpants. Captain Underpants that is! And now there is Super Diaper Baby too! Read more…

best graphic novels for girls, girls graphic novels, girls and graphic novels, graphic novels and girls

ABCs of Graphic Novels, P through T

Graphic Novels Get Kids Reading!

Graphic novels are great to kids to realize that reading is fun. While most graphic novels seem geared for boys, I’ve found a few great ones for girls. Check out the trailer at the bottom for Smile, our very favorite graphic novel for girls!

Day 1ABCs of Graphic Novels, A-E

Day 2ABCs of Graphic Novels, F-J

Day 3ABCs of Graphic Novels, K-O

Day 4ABCs of Graphic Novels: P-T

Day 5ABCs of Graphic Novels: U-Z

Read more…

ABC of graphic novels, best graphic novels for preschool, best graphic novels for boys, best graphic novels for kids

ABCs of Graphic Novels, K through O

Graphic Novels Get Boys to Love Reading

Research has found that graphic novels address the needs of multiple learning styles, and that the visualizations help readers to understand the story first and the text after. 

Journal of Classroom Research in Literacy

My son is an example of how graphic novels help to solidify the concept that reading is fun! This collection of graphic novels are all books he loves.

My favorite graphic novel is the mystery series Max Finder. You have to use both the words and images to solve the short mysteries — about 5 pages each and they’re hard! What are your favorite graphic novels? Please share! Read more…

ABCs of graphic novels, best graphic novels for kids, kids favorite graphic novels, graphic novels for preschool, wordless graphic novel

ABCs of Graphic Novels, F through J

Graphic Novels Teach … Everything

Graphic novels offer a means for representing complex material in ways that reduce the cognitive demand of reading dense text while portraying sophisticated concepts. 

Education World

I’m excited to be posting on the ABCs of Graphic Novels, an ABC series with a great crew of compatriots who also blog on education. We are all posting the ABCs of (fill in the blank). Read more…

graphic novels, ABCs of graphic novels, graphic novels for kids, kids graphic novels, best graphic novels

ABCs of Graphic Novels, A through E

Why Graphic Novels are Great for Reading!

KBN ABCs button, kid blogger network, ABCs series

Graphic novels give the brain more of a workout per sentence than any other type of media, including conventional books. 

School Library Journal

I recently discovered graphic novels from my 8-year-old son who loves them. Together, we’ve been haunting the graphic novel section of the library. I had no idea there were so many great graphic novels for young readers, including books for girls! I’m excited to be joining a group of great educational bloggers on an ABC series of posts. Mine will be on graphic novels but everyone has a different topic. Please check out the great posts. I have the list below. Read more…