Team Impact and Boston College Women's Soccer Team

TeamImpact and Boston College Women’s Soccer Team

Team Impact and Boston College Women's Soccer Team

Boston College Women’s Soccer Team has been working with Team Impact for a number of years.  Team Impact is a national nonprofit that matches kids facing serious and chronic illnesses with local college athletic teams.

Boston College Women's Soccer and Team Impact

Lily joins Boston College Women’s Soccer Team with her own locker and uniform!

This past year, Lily joined their team. Alison Foley, co-author of HOW TO COACH GIRLS and Head Coach of Boston College Women’s Soccer, believes that doing service work as a team builds team chemistry.

Gabby Kicking It Around with Lily

Coach Foley lists the many benefits of community service:

  • It gives different players a chance to lead, particularly those who get less playing time.
  • For players with long term injuries like ACL tears, joining the Team Impact team gives them a different perspective and gives them something to focus on since they can’t practice.
  • Players are very busy so organizing community service through the team allows them to participate.
  • It shows that coach cares more than just winning.

Holly Confalone, a midfielder on the team, fills us in on Lily’s impact on the team.

p.s. To learn more about How To Coach Girls, check out their website, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. It’s available for purchase here.

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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