Fun Activities to Teach Kids About Weather

Fun Activities to Teach Kids About Weather

Teaching kids is not an easy task as you have to ensure that you come up with fun ways to enable them to enjoy your teachings at any time of the day. One area that you must teach your kids about is the weather. They also need to know about the different weather changes that we experience and how to measure them as well. So here are some fun ideas that you can employ to teach your kids about the weather.

• How to read the thermometer.

In most cases this part of the study is not put too much into consideration as the rest of the curriculum but, it is advisable for kids to know how the weather is fairing. A thermometer is a gadget used for measuring the temperatures of space. In the beginning, the kids may not quite understand it, but you can add other features for easy reading. Craft your thermometer at school or even at home and ensure the kids are also involved in the making process to get their attention. Also, ensure to use bright and visible items when making the thermometer for easy reading.

• Weather shows.

This is an excellent idea for kids who are in school. During your weather classes, instead of telling them about the weather changes expected, you can create different groups of kids to read out the weather forecast to their classmates. Aside from attracting their attention, it also helps them have fun and enjoy having the classes at any time.

• Create a weather chart.

Kids understand better when the readings are in the form of a pictorial. Therefore, instead of teaching them or describing to them how the sun or the moon looks like, how about you provide them with a drawing for these purposes. Make the pictures using different colors for better understanding and for them to be able to differentiate them. Have the kids teach others in the class as well. Kids like being involved in adult staffs and by having them act as the teacher enables them to find an interest in studying that particular lesson.

• Make your wind measuring item.

There are two types of wind measuring device which are the windsock and the wind vane. They are easy to make since the raw materials are readily and locally available all over. For example, you can use plastic cans to make a windsock which is very easy. After making the wind devices, make sure to try them out on the field if they are functional. This is a practice that the kids can either learn at home or even at school. Check out this website to see other home weather devices that you can buy to teach your kids about the different weather changes.

• Create snowmen charts.

If your area tends to rain snow, you can easily measure the amount of snow found in these areas by making the snowmen charts. Add some markings on the snow charts to help the kids measure the depth of the snow in your area.

If you realize that your pupils don’t like or don’t enjoy the weather classes, consider making it more fun by adding the above features and drawings. The key to making the kids love the entire lesson is by ensuring that they are involved in the experiences too.

Fun Activities to Teach Kids About Weather

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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