Design for Kids & My Daughter's Mama Chia Design Idea

Design for Kids & My Daughter’s Mama Chia Design Idea

My oldest daughter, Grasshopper and Sensei, loves design, particularly industrial design. I am frequently buying bottles full of unappetizing liquids that I am forced to drink because she loves the shape and design of the bottle.

Mama Chia package design recycling

I think my daughter will apply her artistic skills towards social justice projects. I saw a glimpse of this recently when she wrote to Mama Chia about their eco-unfriendly package design. What really made me happy was how she combined her SIMS math class (real world applications of math through group work) with her industrial design interest:

Industrial design and environmental conservation

It was equally amazing that Mama Chia replied to her!

Mama Chia replies

My son seems to be following in his sister’s arty footsteps, with a passion for drawing manga. His manga is on display on his Instagram: tai.lee_art.

I realized that not many kids have access to design that the careers within this field so I wanted to share the Japanese site, Design Ah!, which does a really good job showing kids how industrial design is everywhere.

p.s. Grasshopper and Sensei has her own website with her art: Flying On Miles.

Design for Kids & My Daughter's Mama Chia Design Idea

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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  1. That’s pretty cool! It’s neat the Mama Chia actually responded! 😀
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