10 Books to Encourage a Love of Science in Babies & Toddlers & 8 Signed Book GIVEAWAY

10 Books to Encourage a Love of Science in Babies & Toddlers & 8 Signed Book GIVEAWAY

Please welcome my guest author today, Ruth Spiro! Ruth’s series, Baby Loves Science, introduces very young children to science concepts. She’s created a list of science-y board books and picture books for babies and toddlers.

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p.s. I have a list of Funny Science-y Math-y Books for Kids, and Best Science Apps for Kids Ages 4 and Up.


Babies and toddlers delight in discovering new things every day. Watching a bird fly, building a block tower, and even feeling the sun’s warm rays, they are gathering information on how the world works.  As author of the Baby Loves Science series of board books, my goal is to help create a connection between these familiar experiences and the science behind them.

When selecting books, note that even those not specifically about science can still develop foundational skills that may spark a future interest. I’m happy to share this list of books that may help parents and caregivers turn everyday moments into fun learning opportunities for their little ones.

10 Books to Encourage a Love of Science in Babies & Toddlers

10. Space Walk by Salina Yoon

This rhyming story takes readers on a journey into the solar system, with plenty to discover in a lift-the-flap format. There’s something about astronauts and outer space that holds a fascination for kids, and this board book is a perfect age-appropriate introduction. [board book, ages 3 and up]

9. Hello, World! Weather by Jill McDonald

Should we wear a sweater today? Or bring an umbrella? This colorful book introduces the different seasons, along with the appropriate clothing and activities. As a bonus, talking about weather naturally includes the senses – warm, cold, bright, wet – sneaking in some additional science-related vocabulary! [board book, ages 2 and up]

8. Lola Plants a Garden by Anna McQuinn, illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw (also available in Spanish – Lola planta un jardin)

Available both in English and Spanish, this simple story about an endearing young character planting a garden also does double-duty in the science department. In addition to explaining how seeds grow into plants, it presents an example of cause and effect, an important early science concept. [picture book, ages 2 and up]

7. Who’s That? Arctic Animals by Tad Carpenter

The questions on each spread invite readers to guess which arctic animal they describe, made easier for the very young through the ingenious placement of cutouts in the fold-out board pages. Children will have fun discovering the animals, while also practicing making predictions. [board book, ages 2 and up]

6. Cook in a Book: Pizza! by Lotta Nieminen

Cooking is a fun way to experiment with math and science, and this interactive book is appropriate for even the littlest budding chefs. As they follow along with an actual recipe, readers see a variety of foods and kitchen tools while learning about measurement and following a sequence of steps.  Yes, that’s science too! [board book, ages 2 and up]

5. Sunrise, Moonrise by Betsy Thompson

Once I picked this book up I didn’t want to put it down! The design and colors are beautiful, and its small size is perfect for tiny hands. The rhyming text follows a variety of critters from, you guessed it, sunrise to moonrise.  “Through the day” books parallel the earth’s natural rhythm and can be a source of comfort and predictability for a very young child. [board book, ages 2 and up]

4. Barnyard Bath by Sandra Boynton

This silly romp invites baby to “wash” a series of animals. Where’s the science? The soft waterproof book itself provides an opportunity to experiment in the tub, discovering that objects can either sink or float. [board book, ages 2 and up]

3. Lines by Sarvinder Naberhaus, illustrated by Melinda Beck

A line can be straight or curved. It can stand alone, or join with other lines to create something completely new. The illustrations in this book range from spare to complex, and invite the discovery of patterns and how parts come together to make a whole. [board book, ages 2 and up]

2. Digging for Dinosaurs by Dr. Mike Goldsmith, illustrated by Kate Daubney

For a preschool-age child, books about working scientists are a good introduction to careers. While books about astronauts and medical professionals may be more common, look for those featuring a wide variety of fields. This one explores archaeology and its tools in a fun, kid-friendly format. [board book, ages 2 and up]

1. Baby Loves Aerospace Engineering by Ruth Spiro, illustrated by Irene Chan

One of the original two titles in the Baby Loves Science series, I love using this book as an example of how everyday observations can become the inspiration for learning about science. How does a bird fly? It all comes down to physics, made possible by the shape of a bird’s wings. It’s not magic, it’s science! [board book, ages 1 and up]

8 Signed Books by Ruth Spiro GIVEAWAY!

We are giving away 8 signed books by Ruth Spiro — two each of her books! To enter, please fill out the Rafflecopter at the bottom. There will be 8 winners. We can only ship to U.S. addresses due to the high cost of mailing.

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Ruth Spiro

As author of the Baby Loves Science books, my goal is to help make complex science concepts both accessible and meaningful, and also share ideas about how parents and caregivers can turn everyday experiences into fun learning opportunities for their little ones.

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10 Books to Encourage a Love of Science in Babies & Toddlers & 8 Signed Book GIVEAWAY

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. John Smith

    “What are your or your kids’ favorite picture books or board books with science concepts? OR Do you like to do science experiments at home with your kids? What has been the most fun?” I don’t know much about this–I like books that teach about ancient horses and simple electricity experiments like make your own electromagnet.

  2. In general, kids are natural scientists with their curiosity and wonder. We just need to encourage them to ask more questions, instead of always giving them answers.

  3. This is such a great selection of science books for young children. Love the science board books. Perfect for two great grandsons. Have been meaning to read LINES.
    Patricia Tilton recently posted…Amanda in New Mexico by Darlene FosterMy Profile

  4. Beth T.

    I am an aunt, and whenever I visit my niece and nephews we walk outside and they amaze me with what they’ve been learning about the natural world. Their parents are amazing teachers. I’d love to help supplement with Christmas gifts. Thanks for the great suggestions.

  5. As a school teacher and a new grandmother I see such potential in these books that introduce such complex ideas in simplistic ways. cant wait to read them!

  6. Leslie Nakagawa

    I like nature books to read with kids. Changes in seasons, walks in nature. One of my favorite boardbook is Owl Babies.

  7. Alise Aalto-Fiedler

    This is a great list! We love Salina Yoon, but didn’t know about her science books!

  8. Bianca

    We love the Magic School Bus and all the science they cover in their books!

  9. Thanks to all for stopping by to read my post, I hope you found the book list helpful. I wish you a wonderful 2018!
    Ruth Spiro recently posted…“What inspired you to write science books for babies?”My Profile

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