8 BIG Adventure Book Series & GIVEAWAY

8 BIG Adventure Book Series & GIVEAWAY

Please welcome Dustin Hansen who has a book list of his favorite dinosaur books! We are also giving away his two newest books! Please fill out the Rafflecopter at the bottom to enter.

MICROSAURS: Follow That Tiny-Dactyl! by Dustin Hansen

“Hansen mixes fantasy, science fiction, and realistic fiction to create a fast-paced read for elementary readers.” —Booklist

Danny and Lin are up for anything—but even they weren’t prepared for a secret laboratory filled with amazing inventions and astonishing discoveries. Who knew that tracking one tiny pterodactyl would open up such a giant world of adventure with the Microsaurs?

With punchy illustrations, neat spy gadgets, and informative backmatter with facts about the real-life dinosaurs on which the Microsaurs are based, here is a new chapter book series sure to appeal to dinosaur fans, daredevils, and young scientists alike! [early chapter book, ages 7 and up]

MICROSAURS: Tiny-Raptor Pack Attack! by Dustin Hansen

When Danny and Lin receive a mysterious package filled with toothy, scratchy Microsaurs hungry enough to chew through walls, along with a very large Microsaur egg, even the bravest adventurers might find themselves in over their heads! [early chapter book series, ages 7 and up]

8 BIG Dinosaur Adventure Book Series!

My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish by Mo O’Hara
Tom and Pradeep have the kind of friendship that only comes around once in a lifetime. I love the connection between these two science loving, adventure craving, big-brother avoiding friends. When Tom’s big brother decides to become an Evil Scientist, his first experience involved dunking Frankie the goldfish into toxic green gunk. Tom comes to the rescue of his little fishie, by zapping him back to life with a battery. But…the transformation has turned his swimmy pet into something a little more, well, hypnotic for starts. I adore this series, it is packed with fins, family, and fun. [early chapter book series, ages 7 and up]

The Princess in Black by Shannon Hale and Dean Hale, illustrated by LeUyen Pham This series had me from very first page. Princess Magnolia is a dainty, very proper princess. But when the monster alarm rings, we discover Princess Magnolia has a secret. She is also the Princes in Black. These books are hilarious, warm, and full of adventure, and they should be a part of every young readers collection. [early chapter book series, ages 5 and up]

King Pow Chicken – Let’s Get Cracking by Cyndi Marko
I’m a sucker for puns, and this book packs more chicken puns per page than anything out there. Gordon Blue transforms into the chicken super hero, Kung Pow Chicken, to fight crime in the city of Folwadelphia. This book is full of funny, featherless chickens wearing wooly sweaters, chicken puns, and action. Oh, and did I mention puns, cuz yeah, PUNS-O- PLENTY on every page. Young readers will gobble this series up. [early chapter book series, ages 5 and up]

Leroy Nicker Saddles Up: Tales from Deckawoo Drive by Kate DiCamillo, illustrated by Chris Van Dusen
Leroy is a cowboy waiting to happen. He has a hat, boots, and a lasso. But it isn’t until he meets Mabeline, his spaghetti loving horse, that he truly hits his rootin’ tootin’ potential. Leroy and Mabeline love each other, but when Leroy makes a mistake, disaster ensues, and the two are parted. Now Leroy to rescue the best friend, and best horse, he’s ever known, or live a life of loneliness for good. [early chapter book series, ages 6 and up]

The Adventures of Jo Schmo: Dinos are Forever by Greg Trine, illustrated by Frank W Dormer
Jo Schmo comes from a long line of superheroes, but she is just your ordinary 4 th grade girl. That is, until her uncle’s cape arrives on her doorstep. Now it’s time to join the family business. In this first book, Joe battles dino-skeletons to stop Dr. Dastardly and his evil plans. Good thing she has her dog Raymond, her slobbery sidekick, by her side. [early chapter book series, ages 6 and up]

The Chicken Squad: The First Misadventure by Doreen Cronin, illustrated by Kevin Cornell
Dirt, Sugar, Poppy, and Sweetie, know they are destined to be more than just simple chickens. They are daring, fluffy, smart (well, that could be debated), and ready for anything. These four mystery solving,crime fighting chickens get their big break for greatness, when Squirrel comes blasting into the chicken coop, scared nearly out of her fur. The chickens jump on the case, to discover the “BIG” thing frightening their barnyard pals. [early chapter book series, ages 7 and up]

Geronimo Stilton: Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye 

I love the Geronimo Stilton books. They are FANTASTIC read out loud books, and the illustrations tell as much of the story as the words do. Geronimo’s sister, Thea, discovers an old, mysterious map. And in no time at all, Geronimo finds himself dragged into treasure hunt. Full of friends, family, and adventure. What’s not to love? [early chapter book series, ages 7 and up]

Fudge: Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume
Sometimes the biggest adventures happen right at home. Peter Hatcher’s little brother, Fudge, is
basically a tornado of trouble. Three years old, and he already knows how to drive Peter crazy. He
covers the walls of Peter’s favorite burger joint with mashed potatoes, throws daily temper tantrums, and more. But when he takes Peter’s pet turtle, Dribble, well, that’s the last straw.
This series made me laugh out loud as a kid, and somehow, it’s even funnier today. [chapter book series, ages 8 and up]

How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell
With a name like Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, and a nickname like “the Dragon Whisperer”, you
know this book is going to be packed with adventure. The movies based on these books are fantastic, but if you want the REAL adventure, you have to dig into these books. They are dangerous, hilarious, and filled with characters, both human and dragony. [chapter book series, ages 8 and up]


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Dustin Hansen

Dustin Hansen was raised in rural Utah where he spent many days hiking red rock canyons that once belonged to the dinosaurs. After studying art at Snow College, Dustin began working in the video game industry, where he has been following his passions of art and writing for more than 20 years. When not writing or making video games, Dustin can often be found hiking with his family in the same canyons he grew up in, with a sketchbook in his pocket, a new idea in his mind, and a well-stocked backpack over his shoulders.

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8 BIG Adventure Book Series & GIVEAWAY

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  1. John Smith

    “What are your favorite dinosaur books for kids?” I don’t know enough about dinosaur books. Maybe some super-scary book related to scary movies about cloned dinosaurs?

  2. Lisa Maucione

    I love so many of these books. I don’t know The Adventures of Jo Schmo, but it sounds like a book that will appeal to kids.

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