My son's Korean and Japanese Sword Making

Korean and Japanese Sword Making

My son has always loved making weapons from bows and arrows made from sticks, to wooden swords that he carves and decorates himself.

He made this Samurai armor and sword upcycling sketch book covers and cardboard boxes. Duct tape was also involved. It always is involved in his projects.

Korean and Japanese Sword Making

In earlier days, he made swords using aluminum foil and duct tape for a Percy Jackson book club with his friends. Now, he needs a run to Home Depot to buy wood without a curve in it, drawing out his designs that his father cuts out for him.

He then refines his swords using planes, knives, files, and carving tools to decorate them. The swords’ scabbard is made from upcycled cardboard wrapping paper tubes. Lots of duct tape in involved again.

how to make a wooden sword

It would be my son’s dream to forge a sword from steel. He’s been watching this videos for years. When he turn fourteen, he can go to a blacksmith shop nearby and try his hand at forging. Just two more years to go!

DIY wooden sword and cardboard scabbard

I like these videos that connect my son’s passion for sword making with his Korean and Japanese culture.

hand carved wooden sword project

p.s. For books to use this this craft, try his ninja book selection. I also have book suggestions specific to China, Korea, and Japan. A fun activity to learn science that relates to Japan is The Science of Japanese Ramune Soda for Kids. I also have a picture book list on Korean Folk Tales. Want to relate this activity to Haiku? Try this at home!

My son's Korean and Japanese Sword Making

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


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