Baby Bunny Nest in Our Yard & GUESS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU? Giveaway

Baby Bunny Nest & GUESS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU? Giveaway

My husband ordered 6 cubic yards of mulch for our yard and we went to town for three days. While he was raking off the dead leaves to prepare for the mulch in our front yard, he happened upon a bunny nest with four baby bunnies inside!

wild bunny nest in our yard

He showed me the bunny nest, and one bunny popped out and ran for it. Luckily the bunny was  slow, so my husband was able to catch it and stuff it back inside the nest.

runaway bunny

The next day, PickyKidPix, caught wind of the bunny nest and asked to be shown it. This time when they peeled off the top which was made of leaves and brush, the bunny took off. It took them twenty-five minutes to catch the baby bunny.

baby cottontail bunny in our yard

PickyKidPix loved holding the baby bunny which had to be stuffed into the nest once more. This time, the bunny struggled to get the top of the nest off. My husband had to hold the top down for ten minutes until the bunny settled down.

PickyKidPix was worried that the mother bunny wouldn’t come back since she touched the bunny with her bare hands. She searched online about wild baby bunnies and was relieved to learn that this is a myth.

baby bunny

To make sure the mother bunny was returning to care for her babies, she made a criss cross pattern of sticks on the top of the nest. She learned that wild cottontail bunny babies are weaned within three weeks, and are ready to venture off on their own when they are the size of a chipmunk. Her baby bunny was definitely the size of a chipmunk.

test to see if mother bunny is caring for her babies

Other signs that the babies are ready to leave their nest include being able to hop, and having their ears erect. Our baby bunnies’ ears are not erect yet, so it might be a few more days until they are ready.

runaway baby bunny

My other two kids want to see the baby bunnies but my husband said no dice. It was too hard to catch the runaway bunny. Also, he noticed hawks on our street that look very interested in what is going on. Other natural predators include coyotes, and my husband has also seen one in our side yard very early in the morning.

baby bunny nest

Our baby bunny nest has made our mulching experience exciting. How about you? Are you mulching? Do you see baby animals where you live?

p.s. I’m giving away a copy of Guess How Much I Love You Coloring Book, inspired by the beloved classic. Please fill out the Rafflecopter at the bottom to enter.

p.p.s. When Valarie Budayr found baby foxes in her yard in Tennessee, she started a publishing company with her first book, The Fox Diaries: The Year the Foxes Came to Our Garden, that chronicled the progress of the baby foxes.

Our favorite bunny books

Classic Picture Books with Bunnies

Pat the Bunny by Dorothy Kunhardt

My kids loved this interactive book when they were younger. It’s a beloved classic! [picture book, ages 2 and up]

The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter

Peter Rabbit reminds me of our runaway bunny who shouldn’t be running away from the bunny nest. Predators are after both bunnies — mine in my yard, and Peter in Mr. MacGregor’s garden — and I hope my bunnies end up safely home like Peter. [picture book, ages 4 and up]

Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown, illustrated by Clement Hurd

The baby bunny is also hard to put to bed. It takes mother bunny an hour; it took my husband twenty-five minutes to get our runaway bunny stuffed back inside the bunny nest. This wonderful classic should be part of every child’s bedtime story collection. [picture book, ages 2 and up]

Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney, illustrated by Anita Jeram

Little Nutbrown Hare loves his parents a whole stretched arm amount, but his parents love him that much too, and more. Win the coloring book based on this enduring classic by entering the Rafflecopter at the bottom. [picture book, ages 2 and up]

The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown, illustrated by Clement Hurd

No matter what the runaway bunny says or does, mother bunny will find her bunny and stay near it. That’s what mother bunnies do. Our bunny mom in our yard included! [picture book, ages 2 and up]

Max and Ruby series by Rosemary Wells

PickyKidPix loved this series about a protective older sister and her little brother who always seems to get into scraps. In this picture book, she is trying to bake a cake, but assistance from her brother doesn’t help. [picture book, ages 3 and up]

Tops and Bottoms by Janet Stevens

PickyKidPix had a book club using Tops and Bottoms when she was learning to read. The activity was to plant a container garden that each child took home.  Plants included tomato, cucumber, sweet basil, marigold and parsley.  Perfect for preschool through 2nd grade book club to do in late spring or early summer. This is a funny Caldecott honor picture book with roots in American slave tales, celebrating the trickster tradition of using one’s wits to overcome hardship. [picture book, ages 4 and up]

Knuffle Bunny series by Mo Willems

This bunny is only a stuffed bunny, but it’s just as stressful as a runaway bunny when the stuffed bunny gets left behind. [picture book, ages 3 and up]

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Baby Bunny Nest in Our Yard & GUESS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU? Giveaway

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. John Smith

    My favorite bunny book is “The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes” by DuBose Heyward.

  2. Nancy Wright

    I was always a Peter Rabbit fan. My children love Guess How Much I Love You.

  3. I read this blog wishing that more children could have experiences such as your children have. Finding a bunny nest in one’s yard would be nearly impossible in my concrete jungle. Thank you for posting this so others can experience it. We are mostly fighting coyote incursions into our neighbors – which of courseI view as the opposite. We are building too many structures that have destroyed the natural habitats of these animals. I find this so depressing.
    Joan Gladstone Kramer recently posted…CANCER IS BACK AND THIS TIME IT HURTS RIGHT OFF THE BAT!My Profile

    • Hi Joan,
      It was thrilling to find the bunnies and watch them grow up. There seems to be a bunny explosion and then no bunnies in our yard. I bet you get birds where you are? That’s what we are noticing right now and trying to attract to our yard… bird diversity. Also getting native bees to our bee house. That’s not working yet though.
      Pragmatic Mom recently posted…Phonics Museum AppMy Profile

  4. Leslie N

    Peter Rabbit is my favorite. Although Pat the Bunny is one of my go to’s for baby gifts.

  5. Oh, you’ve introduced me to some new board books. I have more great grandchildren due this summer and a great niece. Thanks.
    Patricia Tilton recently posted…A Month of Mondays by Joëlle AnthonyMy Profile

  6. How sweet, Mia!! We once had one in our Waltham backyard. Our yard was fenced, but the cottontail was still able to get in (and then we had to keep Becca, our dog, out of the back yard until it left the nest).

  7. Merry

    Naughty Bunny by Richard Scarry is our favorite bunny book.

  8. Lisa

    What a delight to find baby rabbits in your yard! Rabbits are my favourite animal, and Watership Down has long been a favorite title (albeit for older readers). I think my favourite bunny picture book is Wolfie the Bunny.

  9. You have so many of my favorites on this page.You are fortunate to be able to get so close to the nest. Our wild bunnies are so skittish.

  10. Marty

    ‘Mr and Mrs Bunny — Detectives Extraordinaire’ is our current bedtime book. No baby bunnies yet this year, but plenty of fledgling grackles and robins.

  11. Karey

    So many funny books for my baby, “Guess How Much I Love You”,”Peter Rabbit” all are my favorite.

  12. I just took Lily and Anna to see a children’s ballet performance that featured baby bunnies.
    maryanne recently posted…Quick and Easy Shape Activities for PreschoolMy Profile

  13. Heather S

    My favorite is Peter Rabbit 🙂

  14. Chelsea Amanda

    The tale of peter rabbit/ peter cotton tail is my favorite

  15. Bianca Munoz

    My favorite bunny character is Peter Cotton Tail. Thank you.

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