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This New Fidget Toy, Comfort Cube, Could Help With Anxiety

Anxiety and stress are real problems in the real world. There have been several technological advancements made to decrease anxiety, but some people just can’t manage to escape it. Even minor issues such as a low smartphone charge stresses some people out. So what’s the solution?How can we alleviate anxiety and stress?  A new device called Comfort Cube, could come in handy.

What is the Comfort Cube?

Comfort Cube is both a desk gadget and fidget toy. The primary function of the device is to decrease stress, promote relaxation, and increase focus. The cube’s lightweight design and small size means it does not use up much room. And this means you can store it inside a kitchen cabinet or desk drawer, and also in your pocket, purse, or your vehicle’s center console.

fidget toy helps with anxiety

Design and Features

When you see the cube in person, you would immediately appreciate the attention to detail. Despite having such a small footprint, there are so many things going on in that petite frame. The overall design and functionality helps you realize that stress and anxiety are indeed major issues; otherwise, why would a company focus so much on a product that’s designed to relieve stress? The cube comprises quite a few impressive features devised specifically to keep your fingers busy and entertained.

  • Click – Comprising three clicker buttons and a couple of sliced buttons on the side, this side of the cube is for all avid clickers.
  • Flip – The switch can be gently moved back and forth if you prefer fidgeting with the cube in a much more relaxed manner, or would like to pick up pace for a more distinguished sound.
  • Roll – The rolling motion is all about a clickable ball and three mechanical gears.
  • Breathe – Helps ease anxiety and eliminate stress.
  • Glide – Designed with inspiration from conventional gaming joysticks. This functionality facilitates 360-degree movements.
  • Spin – The spin is designed to function as a dial, which comes with a circular fidget.

How Does It Work?

This fidget toy works by providing the distraction whenever anxiety makes a visit. The primary function is to assist with taking the mind off anything that’s causing stress and rattling the nerves. As aforementioned, stress has physiological impacts too. For instance, when stressed out, the natural response of the body is to tense up or physically clench, which could induce muscle pains and aches. The Comfort Cube prompts to unclench by pushing the mind to focus on other activities.

What Are The Benefits of the Comfort Cube?

The majority of Comfort Cube users report a significant decrease in anxiety and nervousness. The design helps accommodate all kinds of different fidgeting movements. And what’s even greater is the fact that you may use the toy virtually everywhere – be it at home, office, or on the way to work, etc. Moreover, the toy is meant to be used by people of all ages, from adults to school kids. However, since the cube is an assembled piece comprising quite a few components, it is recommended kids under 3 years of age are not allowed to play with the cube.

Comfort Cube Reviews

Buyers have been overwhelmingly satisfied with the Comfort Cube. Most people have reported problems such as biting their own nails, poor sleep at night, lack of energy throughout the day, and a range of other issues associated with stress and anxiety disappearing. “I instantly fell in love with my cube! When me and my boyfriend are driving I don’t bite my nails or shake my foot like I used to, and when I go to the mall my anxiety is GONE!” – Ashley Parker “I absolutely love this little cube…whether you’re trying to focus more while you’re reading or if you’re just the type of person who needs to keep their hands busy during a meeting, this is a great little tool to help with all of the above!” – Josh Hodges

comfort cube fidget toy

How Does It Stack Up With Other Fidget Toys?

Comfort Cube is not the only fidget toy money can buy. There are quite a few other options. However, when compared to other fidget toys, Comfort Cube has a much more premium build, thanks to the materials used and the finishing of the product. You would, in fact, get an idea of the cube’s quality upon seeing the product packaging itself.

Is It Ideal for Kids?

It’s a common misconception that kids have very little stress in their lives. The truth is kids also have their share of anxiety and stress issues. With increasing competition and the race to be nothing short of the best, the stress levels are only going up further. Attending classes at school or college, making presentations or research reports, organizing events, etc. are all part of a student’s life that could cause a spike in their cortisol levels. Therefore, Comfort Cube is definitely recommended for kids in school. There are even studies to show that fidgeting with a toy can help students stay focused in school.

 New Fidget Toy, Comfort Cube, Could Help With Anxiety

Should You Buy One?

If you’re into helpful gadgets and truly believe stress is hampering your productivity and overall lifestyle, Comfort Cube is definitely worth your money. The product is worthy of a strong recommendation not just because it does its job, but also because it’s built to last. Other stress gadgets at a local CVS lack the Comfort Cube’s build quality and there’s no returning it to the store if it breaks. Comfort Cube also turns out a great gift item. Long story short, if you like fidgeting with things and have stress problems, this little toy is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Buying the Comfort Cube

A single cube is priced at $39. However, there are times when you may get the cube for a discount. And if you buy more than one cube, the rate would go down even further. Since multiple members of the family may require these toys, buying multiple Comfort Cube cubes makes both practical and financial sense. To check pricing and to order, visit today!

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


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