How To Coach Girls


I’m so excited to be writing a book about coaching girls with Alison Foley, Women’s Soccer Head Coach at Boston College called How To Coach Girls
How to Coach Girls by Alison Foley and Mia Wenjen

We’ve been hard at work since landing the publishing contract in early January with Audrey Press and the first draft is done!

How To Coach Girls

Here are the chapters:

  1. Introduction
  2. What Are the Differences Coaching Girls vs Boys?
  3. Keeping It Fun
  4. Developing Good People Not Just Good Players
  5. Teaching Growth Mindset Through Sportd
  6. Coaching Your Own Daughter
  7. Building Team Chemistry
  8. Social Awareness and Giving Back to Community
  9. Positive Reinforcement is Critical
  10. Playing Time
  11. The Pitfalls of Choosing Captains
  12. Body Image, Puberty and Sports
  13. Building a Player’s Confidence
  14. Cliques On and Off the Field
  15. Handling a Losing Streak
  16. Supporting Multi-Sport Athletes
  17. How To Be A Good Teammate Game
  18. Creating Your Medical Emergency Plan
  19. Parent Code of Conduct
  20. Player Code of Conduct
  21. Player Goals and Evaluations
  22. Pre-Season Logistics

In addition to these twenty-two chapters, we are interviewing about a dozen of the best coaches for girls and women that we personally can vouch for. I have their interviews on my YouTube, and they will be transcribed and included in the back matters page.

Here’s Marc Gargaro, boxing trainer and co-owner of Nonantum Boxing Club with advice to a first time coach:

Here’s Brent Bode, Competitive Novice Girls Rowing at Community Rowing Inc. on personal introspection for mindfulness in coaching.

The book comes out March of 2018. We are excited to share what we hope will be a hopeful guide for coaching girls.

If you want a deeper peek into the book, the first few chapters of each book are posted on our website: How to Coach Girls. We are also on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and welcome you to follow our (first-time) publishing journey.

p.s. Here’s our backstory:

It all started when Alison moved into a new neighborhood. Her daughter, Sidnie, wanted to become friends with the girls playing outside, around the corner from their new house. She jetted over on her Razor Scooter with Alison following closely behind.

Sidnie’s new friends, Zoe and Ali, became like sisters to her. Sidnie even fought like a sister with Ali. Ali and Zoe’s mom, Mia, became friends with Alison and this friendship began on that spring day, more than ten years ago.

In the beginning, Zoe, Ali and Sidnie played soccer, starting with Kindergarten Soccer meant to get incoming Kindergarteners to make new friends before starting elementary school. They progressed to town soccer, travel soccer, and club soccer. There was plenty of drama, and Mia consulted Alison at every twist and turn.

As the years went on, these three girls played a multitude of other sports: basketball, softball, rowing, volleyball, surfing, diving, rock climbing, sailing, tennis, skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, gymnastics, kickboxing, karate (Chun Kuk Do), swimming, rhythm gymnastics, boxing, lacrosse, and golf. Different sports,  but still a lot of the same drama.

Mia and Alison decided to write a book to help coaches, both parent volunteer coaches and those who coach girls professionally. This is where they are chronicling their journey of creating this book. It comes out in March of 2018 through Audrey Press.

Alison Foley

Alison Foley is the head women’s soccer coach at Boston College. Their success has led them to the NCAA Final Four, final 8 during 13 consecutive NCAA play-off appearances. During her 20+ year coaching career, she has coached many national team level players.

She started playing soccer at a young age working herself through the school and club soccer ranks, receiving ODP regional and national invitations. As a college All-American, she enjoyed a successful career playing at another competitive level. Although she still enjoy playing the game myself, her passion for soccer led me to get involved club soccer, ODP and now she is entering my 14th season of Lady Eagles Soccer School.

Academically she received her undergraduate degree in psychology, specifically studying sports psychology of girls, and a graduate degree in exercise science, Kinesiology. In addition, she earned my USSF “A” license and the NSCAA Advanced National License.

Alison and Mia also created Alison’s brainchild, Soccer on the Mat, a unique and innovative soccer & yoga program specifically created for middle school girls (ages 11-15).


Mia Wenjen co-founded Aquent in 1986 with John Chuang and Steve Kapner as a dorm room entrepreneur at Harvard University. She has been a member of the board of directors ever since and has held a number of roles at the company including starting the West Coast operations and growing the Los Angeles, California office into the company’s largest market.

In 1992, Aquent (then called MacTemps) placed #12 on the Inc. 500 list for Fastest Growing Private Company.

She later managed the Boston market, where she introduced Aquent’s Partner Program, an innovative effort securing the loyalty of the company’s contingent workforce. This initiative reduced turnover among freelancers to below 20% per year, lower than that for many firms’ full-time staff.

Mia is also a blogger at PragmaticMom, a mashup covering education, parenting, and multicultural children’s books. Her blog receives over one million views a year.

She is also a co-founder of Multicultural Children’s Book Day, January 27th, a non-profit which celebrates diversity in children’s literature.

Mia graduated from Harvard College, cum laude in history and science, and earned an MBA in Entrepreneurial Marketing from UCLA’s Anderson Graduate School of Management.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


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