Great Backyard Bird Count 4 Book GIVEAWAY

Great Backyard Bird Count 4 Book GIVEAWAY

The 20th annual Great Backyard Bird Count just finished up and the next one is Feb 16 to Feb 19, 2018. Birding is a fantastic reason for families to get outdoors and observe nature—and to read nature books together!

I’m teaming up with Downtown Bookworks for a birding for kids book giveaway that can help prepare any child for the Great Backyard Bird Count—or any day of birding! Awaken the budding naturalists and ornithologists in your child, or just use these books as an excuse to get outside!

p.s. Doodles and Jots has a free printable Bird Journal for kids to track the birds they find!

doodles and jots bird journal

Great Backyard Bird Count 4 Book GIVEAWAY

PBS KIDS Look and Learn Birds by Sarah Parvis
Young birders  will get everything they need to get started with this kit that comes with a book, binoculars, and more.

Science with Stuff: Bird-acious by Melissa Stewart
Bird-acious is full of fascinating information, juicy factoids, and beautiful photos. Plus, it comes with a real sanitized owl pellet that kids can dissect!

Into the Field Guide: A Walk in the Woods by Emily Laber-Warren and Into the Field Guide: A Walk on the Beach by Laurie Goldman

These kid-friendly, portable field guides describe birds commonly found in the woods and on the beaches of North America, as well as common critters, trees, flowers, rocks, and more. The Into the Field Guide books can be purchased on their own or as part of a treasure box edition, which comes with a book, magnifying jar, and mesh bag.

If this has sparked a birding interest, I have a few more posts and activities for you:

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Great Backyard Bird Count 4 Book GIVEAWAY

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Julie

    So happy you posted these! Anything bird related is a huge hit in our house!

  2. John Smith

    Sometimes I see cardinals, which is cool. Unfortunately, we often have nondescript-looking birds which are, in fact, woodpeckers. And listening to woodpeckers peck on the outside of the house is not something I am keen on.

  3. Nancy Wright

    We have a lot of cardinals, red tailed hawks, and several varieties of wood peckers (our house is surrounded by trees). We are also fortunate to have a nesting pair of bald eagles not too far away. Once in a great while, one of them will do a fly by.

  4. I am a complete and total bird nerd!! I was visiting my sister in CT last week, and was wowed by the red-bellied woodpecker that kept visiting to eat suet. Some favorite past-times: counting red-tailed hawks on the highway (my next NF PB with Brian Floca!!); watching black vultures soar–they’re so elegant; talking to tufted titmice; and seeing Atlantic Puffins last summer in Maine 🙂

    Thanks, Mia!!

  5. We have the field guide in the woods book, and it is fantastic. Bird watching is so soothing and great for the soul.

  6. Lisa

    I live in southeastern Pennsylvania and we have a wide variety of birds. My favorites are black-capped chickadees. Most common are cardinals, red-winged blackbirds, robins, goldfinches, and mourning doves.

  7. Hummingbirds are my favorites of the local birds we see here in California.

    When I had cancer and used to be up sick as a toddler, we had a HUGE Birds of the Americas book that my dad would look through with me. It was apparently my favorite thing in the world. I have the book now, and my kids look through it occasionally – but not as often as I did as a kid. The Blue-footed booby was my favorite bird in that book, but I’ve never seen it in real life.
    maryanne recently posted…Physics For Kids An Easy Fluid Dynamics ExperimentMy Profile

  8. Alyssa Annico

    The cardinals are out and about lately!

  9. Kathy

    My daughter loves birds! We’ve had wild turkeys wander through as well as the more expected birds – nuthatches, chickadees, blue jays, cardinals, sea gulls, etc.

  10. We get owls on top of our house all the time. Other than that we get hummingbirds and hawks.
    tanya recently posted…How to Turn Your Company Car into a Marketing VehicleMy Profile

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