I Appreciate You: Sports Team Bonding Idea

I Appreciate You: Sports Team Bonding Idea

I posted on two of my kids’ I Appreciate You graduating gift idea — Grasshopper and Sensei and my son’s 5th grade I Appreciate You class certificates are on my blog. The ideas is that each student in the class writes one sentence about every other student, and these are typed up on a certificate. It’s a snapshot of how they were perceived during their year in 5th grade.

I Appreciate You: Sports Team Bonding Idea

The problem is that I can’t find PickyKidPix’s I Appreciate You certificate! I searched and searched, and I can’t find it. She doesn’t seem too unhappy about this, but luckily I found something similar for her from her old soccer team. In 5th grade, her town soccer coach had each player write I Appreciate You cards and exchange them before a game. It was a nice way to build team bonding. To be honest, PickyKidPix often forgot to do hers so she had to give a verbal one. These were the cards that she received.

I Appreciate You Because…

I Appreciate You: Sports Team Bonding Idea

You are an amazing player. You are one of the best players on our team and I love having U on our team and I know you’ll be amazing in this game and score a lot. Sinead

You are an AMAZING player! You are great at every position! I know you will have a great game! Maddie

I know that your a great soccer player, and will do amazing during the game. Remember to focus a lot, and try your hardest. I know that you will run so fast and score some goals for our team. You have had great practices so far and I know it will show. Carolina

You are SUCH and AMAZING soccer player! You have scored sooooo many of goals this season and you’re such a big part of team’s strength. Even though you’re one of the shorter players on the team :), you also one of the most aggressive! You are always first to the ball and are great 1 v 1. I’ am so glad and lucky to have you as a teammate. Good luck today. I know you will do incredible! Marina


How would you use an I Appreciate You note? Please share your ideas for I Appreciate You Gift Ideas! Thank you!

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. This is a great way to build teamwork!
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  2. That’s cool! I really like the idea of it! 🙂
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