Edible Gifts for the In-Laws

Edible Gifts for the In-Laws

My mom just moved into a one bedroom apartment in Independent Living facility. My sister moved her in and it was a little like moving one’s kid into a college dorm. They got her new stuff: bed, TV, and furniture … and left a lot behind in her old house.

That’s because she has a tendency towards hoarding, so this is a chance to do things differently. And she likes having less stuff around to collect dust; it’s liberating to live more simply.

As a result, when I buy her gifts for Mother’s Day, Christmas, and her birthday, I am now giving her something that can be enjoyed but does not stick around. Edible presents fit the bill perfectly!

Edible Gifts for the In-Laws

Japanese Confections: Wagashi

My mom was born in San Francisco where her parents immigrated from Hiroshima, Japan. She likes Japanese mochi and I found a high end Japanese confectionary bakery, Minamoto Kitchoan, that delivers “wagashi” — Japanese sweets. Not all the items can be shipped but her favorite kind can.

Maccha Mochi

Maccha Mochi. Sweetened red beans covered with sticky green tea mochi.


Tsuya. Sweet pancakes filled with sweet Atzuki beans.

fukuwashi senbei

Fukuwashi Senbei. My kids like these crispy wafer cookies.

Fastachi: Gourmet Roasted Nuts

This is a local store to me, Fastachi, with really exceptional fresh roasted nuts. They have handmade chocolates as well, but they are known for their nuts.

Fastachi roasted nuts

Their Roasted Nut mix is simple but sublime.

Fastachi nut mixes

The Cranberry Nut Mix is their signature nut mix with sweet and savory.

See’s Candy: Homespun Gourmet

I grew up with See’s Candy in California but it’s only in the Boston area for the winter holidays. My father used to get us to swap out our Halloween candy for See’s Candy because he was paranoid that the trick or treating candy would be poisoned. True story. Still, See’s Candy is a homespun gourmet candy and makes a perfect gift.

See's Candy Molasses Chips

The See’s Candy Molasses Chips are my favorite. 

See's Assorted Chocolates

See’s Assorted Chocolates are their best seller. You can’t go wrong with this!

Smith Island Cake: Multi-Chocolate Layer Cake That Keeps

I read about this cake in Saveur Magazine, and it sounds amazing. It would be welcomed into my house though it sounds too ambitious for me to ever bake:

“This sumptuous layer cake from Smith Island, off the mainland coast of Maryland, here consists of 10 thin layers of cake stacked and frosted with old-fashioned chocolate fudge icing.”

Luckily you can buy it from Smith Island Cake.

Smith Island Cake

The original Smith Island cake.

Smith Island Lemon Cream Cake

The Lemon Cream Cake comes in a smaller size.

Harry and David: Giant Royal Riviera Pears

The Royal Riviera pears are exceptional and I can’t find them anywhere else, even at my green grocer. I’ve subscribed to their fruit of the month club before. Not all the fruit arrives ripe but I’ve never been disappointed by the pears.

Harry and David Giant Riviera Pears

The Giant Royal Riviera pears arrive ripe, sweet and juicy.

Tea for Two: Japanese Tea Set

I’d pair this cast iron Japanese tea pot with cups, with tea and Japanese sponge cake. I’m partial to Genmaicha tea, which is green tea with popped brown rice. It’s a delicate light tea that would pair well with the sponge cake. This gift requires sourcing from three difference places, so it’s a splurge but worth it if you need to impress. There’s nothing wrong with starting off on the right foot!

genmaicha tea from japaan

Japanese cake

To the tea pot more closely at Amazon, please click on image of tea pot.

Edible Gifts for the In-Laws

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. More great ideas!! Thank you so much!! I wonder how your mother is feeling about her move? I know I liked traveling for the same reason – simplified my life. Giving edible gifts makes sense.
    Joan Gladstone Kramer recently posted…A LITTLE ABOUT A WHOLE LOT OF NOTHINGMy Profile

    • Hi Joan,
      I thinks she loves her new Active Living home. She’s near my sister and my sister’s kids can bike or walk over. Also, there is a lot to do everyday and my mom likes to stay busy. It’s been a great change for her because it was so isolating for her when she stopped driving two years ago.
      Pragmatic Mom recently posted…My 2017 Newbery PredictionsMy Profile

  2. thanks for lovely ideas – wishing you & your family the best with what can be a difficult transition

  3. not sure if my comment went thru… this is a test
    Daal recently posted…Homemade artisan bread even easier! My review of Jim Lahey’s “My Bread”My Profile

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