Our Art Gift Kits for Arty Kids

Our Art Gift Kits for Arty Kids

These are art kits that my daughter and I put together when I realized that our lists might be overwhelming: 45 Art Gifts for Seriously Arty Kids by my daughter, and 10 Inspirational Art Books for Arty Kids.

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Art Kit To Encourage Creativity

 + = a book of fun art games plus washable markers makes a great art gift for on the go that the entire family can enjoy if you just add some blank paper. This DIY art kit is $17.

Tangle Art by Jeanette Nyberg

Art Kit for Doodlers

 +  = This is a wonderfully portable art kit for use on airplanes, restaurants, or in the car. With colored illustration pens, and a compact sketchbook, it also fits easily into a backpack for on the go fun.  This DIY art kit for doodlers is $23.

doodle art grasshopper and sensei

Art Kit for Kids Who Draw Manga

= a non bleed sketchbook plus dual tipped markers for your young manga artist. Just add  free YouTube manga drawing videos for self-taught lessons. This DIY art kit is $35.

On Helping Your Kids Find Their Passion

Art Kit for On The Fly Artists

 = an art kit to use indoors or outside. Try it as restaurants, at art museums, or while on a nature walk. This DIY art kit is $37

watercolor art

Art Kit for Watercolor Artists

 +  = You can use this for Plein Air watercolor painting, or use indoors. This DIY art kit for watercolor artists of any age is $56.

watercolor painting

Art Kit for Art History Buffs

 + + = This is a kit to inspire kids to imitate the masters. Visit an art museum, read up on the artist and his work and then try to duplicate it at home or at the museum. This DIY art kit for art history buffs is $76.

Art Kit for 15 Minutes of Art Daily

 + = I used this book to jumpstart my creative process by making art 15 minutes a day. I used watercolor but this kit is for drawing using charcoal. This kit is especially good for adults and it’s $54.

art before breakfast, art 15 minutes a day pragmaticmom

Art Kit for “Art Therapy”

 += This kit is for letting your inner artist go crazy. You can wreck this journal. Seriously, you are encouraged to destroy it, hence the “art therapy” part. Think of it as an art boxing heavybag! This kit to encourage art expression is just $22.

Inktober Art Kit for 30 Days of Ink Drawings

 + = For kids and adults who want to participate in Jake Parker’s 30 days of drawing InkTober challenge, this kit will help get your started. This DIY art kit for Inktober is $52.

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Our Art Gift Kits for Arty Kids

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Thank you so much for these wonderful idea. All that you share is so helpful to parents who want to really help their children.
    When my daughter was young I only bought books, blocks, puzzles, and art materials. I thought that these – presents without end – were the kinds that stimulate young mind the best and help them develop their thinking and creative skills.
    You reinforce what I have long thought.

    Thank you!
    Joan Gladstone Kramer recently posted…A LITTLE ABOUT A WHOLE LOT OF NOTHINGMy Profile

  2. Lovely gift ideas! I would have loved this as a child.
    Patricia Tilton recently posted…Princess Rosie’s Rainbows by Bette KillionMy Profile

  3. My kids have been drawing with that Tangle Art book all week!
    maryanne recently posted…The Best Toys for Teaching Creative Problem SolvingMy Profile

  4. Oh, such a great list! I went to art school and I LOVE everything on this list especially the prisma colored pencils and those art sketch books and journal *drool* 😍
    Erin Vincent recently posted…Birthday Celebrations For A PrincessMy Profile

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